What You Missed On The Bachelorette: Week 6

I eagerly sat down in front of my TV Monday night, my laptop poised on my lap so I could effectively take notes and live tweet this week’s episode of the Bachelorette. I was prepared with a half pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and grand expectations for what I was about to see. Since it had been two weeks since the last episode, I was hoping for a double dose of drama and intrigue. Instead, we got a double dose of PREDICTABILITY. I know this episode was necessary so we could get to the final four, but dang, it could’ve been a bit more exciting, right?

Before I end up making this post a big venting sesh, let’s get to the show.


This episode opens in Geneva, Switzerland! This group of rascals have basically taken a dream European vacation throughout this show, and I’m honestly a bit ticked that I didn’t get an invite.

Tensions are high in the house since SIX PEOPLE were kicked off last episode. SIX. Rachel cut the group in HALF. Just as a bit of a reminder, the remaining fellas are Adam, Bryan, Dean, Eric, Matt, and Peter. I’m still a bit salty she got rid of Alex, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Anyway, Rachel reveals a twist to this week’s episode. Instead of having a rose ceremony, she will have three 1-on-1 and one 3-on-1 dates. I honestly think the producers hate filming rose ceremonies based on how messed up they’ve been throughout the whole season. The guys all wonder who will be getting what date, but I think we all knew what the structure was going to be.

Bryan 1-on-1

When Rachel told Bryan he got the first 1-on-1 date, I let out an audible grown. My opinions on this man have basically been a bell-curve. At the beginning, I thought he was a sleaze-ball, but he started growing on me toward the middle of the season. Now, I know for sure he’s a sleaze-ball. What goes up must come down, amirite?

Anyway, Rachel and Bryan explore the city of Geneva in a frickin’ Bentley and do what most new couples do when in Switzerland: buy expensive watches. Nice.

After another dinner and discussion of how Bryan is “too good to be true,” he obviously gets a rose. Get off my TV, Bryan.


Dean 1-on-1

For this date, Rachel took Dean to a church service that was all in French. Not my definition of a super awesome date, but hey, whatever floats their boat.

After the church service is when it starts getting awkward. Rachel wants Dean to start opening up again like he did on the first date, but under the stress of hometowns next week, Dean deflects her questions with his own:

“Do you believe in the tooth fairy?”

“What’s your favorite dinosaur?”

Ouch. After Rachel repeatedly calls him out on his avoidance later that night, Dean reveals that he is very nervous about hometowns because of the difficulties he’s had with his family. It’s honestly a bit heartbreaking and tough to watch, but Rachel (god bless that woman) gives Dean a rose anyway. My man.


Peter 1-on-1

Unsurprisingly, Peter gets the last 1-on-1 for the night. Now, I know I don’t have much company in this opinion, but this man bores me to DEATH.

So this date basically consisted of them hanging out in the mountains and getting frostbite. Nice.

The conversation was pretty predictable. They discussed Peter’s vulnerability and commitment issues, and Peter reveals that he may not be ready to get engaged by the end of the series.


Anyway, homeboy gets a rose.


Eric, Adam, and Matt 3-on-1

Or as I like to call them: Eric, Doll Guy, and Penguin Dude. They get a date card that says, “Tomorrow will be difficult, I don’t know what else to say…” Yikes. Only one of them is coming out with a rose, and we all know who it will be.

Rachel and the guys casually take a boat from Switzerland to France. Again, where was my invitation on this big European excursion? Anyway, after a conversation with Adam, Rachel has a very painful interaction with Matt. She tearfully tells him that things would have been different between them if they weren’t on the show. It was a difficult goodbye to watch even though we all knew it was coming.

At dinner, Rachel talks with both Adam and Eric, and ultimately gives Eric the rose. Called it.

Next week’s preview

Next week is hometowns! From what I can tell, Peter talks about marriage, Dean’s dad is a bit out there, and Rachel has to say a very tough goodbye.

Tune in next Wednesday for all the ~drama~!


Did you think this week’s episode of The Bachelorette was predictable? Who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments!

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27 Replies to “What You Missed On The Bachelorette: Week 6”

  1. Is it bad that every time she has a 1 on 1 I’m like, wait where’d this guy come from?! Hahah I cannot get into this season for some reason! Although I’m still watching, I’m no quitter! 😉 LOL

    1. Haha I feel ya girl!

  2. amandafaber524 says: Reply

    Thanks for the recap! I haven’t been able to keep up this season

    1. Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. I totally agree about Peter being boring…yet he at least comes off as the most genuine person. He seems like he’s honestly trying to fall in love and not cave into pressures. I’d much rather go with him than with Bryan whose motives are incredibly questionable.
    Also, I think I’m ready to see Eric leave – he’s been incredibly insecure and almost entitled to Rachel’s time, attention, and love and I’m over it. :/
    Can’t wait to see your recap next week! :]

    1. I totally agree with all those points!

  4. I can’t wait to see who wins…I’m into this season, although I feel like it’s SUPER obvious who SHE likes!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Ugh I totally agree!

  5. Some of these conversations sound so painfully awkward! Yikes!

    Carrie | https://carrieeliseandkho.com/

    1. Haha they def were!

  6. This season has not been my favorite. I feel like they could’ve picked much better guys for her haha.

  7. Woah, the snow sleding looks so fun!!

  8. i think dean goes home next week and i dk why but i think Eric could be a wild card final 2 since peter seems SO not into it at this point

    1. Ugh I really don’t want him to be. My ideal top 2 are peter and dean with dean winning but I know that’s probs not the case!

  9. Lovelovelove Bachelorette nights! It’s so much fun to see where they are and what goes down during each episode!

    1. I so agree! Thanks for stopping by Erica!

  10. This episode had so much going on. And I’m with you- where was my invitation on the big European excursion???

    1. Haha ikr?! I would’ve loved to go to all those countries!

  11. Hahaha ‘what’s your favorite dinosaur’ that would totally be me in an awkward silence.

  12. I’m not completely caught up on the show yet, but this was a great recap! Thanks for putting this together!

  13. lovelysilvia says: Reply

    I haven’t caught up! I’ve been so busy and I kind of skimmed through this but didn’t want to read to many spoilers!

    1. Oops sorry for the spoilers!

  14. peter is beautiful but I so agree, he is so boring lol

    1. he is beautiful!

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