Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Get UNstuck!

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Get Unstuck! | Lost motivation | College problems | quarter life crisis | Helpful post | Five Foot and Fabulous

I’m one of those people who like to have a clear and steady routine for every day of the week. Sure, my Monday’s and Tuesday’s might be different because that’s just how college life works, but if, for instance, my Tuesday schedule varies, that’s a whole other story. Some people call this being a control freak, others say you should just go with the flow, but it’s what keeps me sane!

However, once you get stuck in a schedule for too long, things start to seem stagnant. You want to keep moving forward, but the world around you is staying exactly the same. Either that or other people in your life are going through all sorts of motions, and your life doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. Either way you look at it, it’s not too fun.

I’m at a period in my life right now where I am beyond ready to move on to the next step, but I have to jump through one more pretty important hoop: my last semester of college.

It was my sophomore year when my advisor first mentioned that I could probably graduate a semester early, even with a minor. I was like “No way, homie,” and insisted she find a way for me to stay all four years. We eventually settled on me taking a light class load my last few semesters which would allow me to roll out with ease. Fast forward to this past Easter. I was taking a walk around campus and I realized I didn’t want to be here anymore. I went to visit my advisor, told her my decision, and we started the steps I needed to take to get me out of school in December.

Fast forward to today, and I can’t even begin to remember why I wanted to stay in school for an “extra” semester (aka graduate with the rest of my class). I am ready to get out into the real world and start #adulting, and I barely have enough motivation to finish THIS semester. I mean, obviously I will because I need this degree to get to the places I want to get to, but dang it’s harder than I thought it would be.

Anyway, this feeling of being stuck can get really frustrating, especially when you’re not sure when the feeling will end. However, there are many ways that you can deal with it until a new opportunity comes your way!

Here’s how:

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Get Unstuck! | Lost motivation | College problems | quarter life crisis | Helpful post | Five Foot and Fabulous

Find a way to express your feelings

Whether you prefer to write in a journal or talk to a friend or family member, find a way to get all your feelings off your chest. If you bottle it up, you’re going to feel more stuck because you’ll feel alone. The truth is, no matter who you choose to talk to, they are likely to have gone through a similar situation. Everyone feels stuck at some point in their lives, and they may give you the advice you need to get out of it!

Seriously, though. God bless my mother for being patient when I complain to her. I’m sure I sound very redundant at times, but talking it out works really well for me.

If neither journaling nor talking it out sounds good for you, then check out this website called The Thoughts Room. You type in everything you’re thinking about, and it’ll dissolve into the background. You still get the catharsis you need without leaving any trace of it!

Actively look for new opportunities

No, I’m not saying you should dedicate your life to looking for a new job or activity, but you should definitely keep your eyes open. Check your emails regularly, follow job boards (both local and national), and ask people if they know of any leads. Even just a hint of a new opportunity has the potential to change your mindset.

You should also keep your mind open when you do this. Something may not seem like the right fit at first, but it could turn out to be perfect for you!

Possible Resources:



The Penny Hoarder

Start making little changes that you can control

Many times, the source of your stuck feelings is something you can’t really control or fix. If you’re a control freak like me, that can just drive you up the wall. Something I started doing is changing other aspects of my life to make myself happier.

For instance, you could start eating healthier and going to the gym. As Queen Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!”

You could also take up a new hobby! My roommate recently picked up embroidery, and that could do a lot of things for her. Not only is it a way that she can distract herself, but she could actually take her designs and sell them on Etsy! I don’t think she’s planning to do that, but it’s always a possibility.

Keep in mind that this too shall pass

So this last one isn’t really something you can do to get out of your stuck-ness, rather its a mindset to keep during it. In today’s age, it’s soooo easy to stay focused on the now instead of the future. I mean think about it, we’re just a few swipes or clicks away from knowing exactly where are friends are, what they’re doing, and where they plan to be. This can be quite discouraging if you’re not going at the same pace as them.

Just know that this feeling of not moving forward will pass. One day, opportunity will come knocking at your door and you will be unstoppable! Just be patient, and take one day at a time.

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Get Unstuck! | Lost motivation | College problems | quarter life crisis | Helpful post | Five Foot and Fabulous

Has anyone else felt this feeling? How did you get through it? I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment!

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32 Replies to “Feeling Stuck? Here’s How To Get UNstuck!”

  1. Atta girl!!! Love you…and you can complain to me anytime!!! 💗

  2. This is really great, I’ve been feeling this way with my blog and VA career. It’s gotten better and this too shall pass is a favorite quote of mine.

    1. Glad that you’re getting back on track!

  3. This is great! I hope you can stick out the rest of the semester and I love the resources you provided, there are definitely many times when I feel stuck!

  4. Really thankful you shared this, Anna! Watched your instagram story, and I am totally understanding how you’re feeling stuck right now. I don’t graduate till May, but I am just uninspired with my current classes, and ready to move on. I’m going to try focusing on what I can change and then just enjoying the little things since it is my last year after all 🙂

    Cristina / cristinawashere.com

    1. So glad to hear this, Cristina! It’s always frustrating to have this feeling, but knowing you’re not alone in it makes everything better!

  5. Finding a positive outlet is definitely key! I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have good outlets when I was going through a time of being stuck!

    1. I don’t know what I would do without mine either! Thanks for reading and sharing, Summer!

  6. One of my fave saying is “this too shall pass” sooooo true!

    1. It’s one of mine as well!

  7. I graduated a semester early because I was feeling the same things but looking back I have a mixed opinion on it! Switching up your routine is a great idea!

  8. I didn’t graduate early and I wasn’t super ready to get into the real world lmao but I definitely know the feeling of feeling stuck

  9. Great advice Anna. When I feel stuck I like to do something new or creative in another arena of my life, it doesn’t always solve the problem but I find it usually helps!

  10. I loved this post! Great advice. I’ve been stuck a few times, but I’ve always felt incredibly accomplished/optimistic once I start rolling again.


    1. That’s awesome Chrissey! Thanks for reading!

  11. Hi Anna. Everyone goes though this near the end of college. Lord knows I did….I got 3 degrees and I went through this at the end of my BS, MS, and PhD. One thing I found helpful was that I had a lot of good friends every time who were going through the same thing and a support network that that can help. Trust me, you are not the only one that has “Senioritis”. I found the frustration tended to ebb and flow so when I was most fed up, I could find a friend that was in a better place to “talk me off the ledge.” Two weeks later I could return the favor for them. The most useful thing I found was to focus on the future. Keep reminding yourself why you have put in all the work. Keep thinking about all the great things that you will be doing once your are out of school and in “the real world.” Think about what you want your post-school life to be and begin planing the next steps. Having planner or written strategy can help and doing that can actually be quite useful once you do graduate. I also like your suggestion of the hobby. I found that I could distract myself with hobbies for a few hours and then come back ready to study and work. Finally, do remember that, as you say, “This too will pass.”

    1. Oof, I can’t even imagine spending that long in school! You’re totally right when it comes to good friends getting you through things!!

  12. The last point is what I think of all the time!

    1. It’s a good thing to think about!

  13. These are really great ideas. Whenever I feel stuck I look for something new I can do and something I can take out of my schedule.

    1. That’s a great idea!

  14. I started to feel like this recently too. I always shut down everything and go outside and just relax and think. That tends to help!

    1. That’s a great way to deal! Thanks for reading!

  15. Yesss girl! We all have moments where we just feel stuck in one way or another! I love the idea of talking to a friend or writing it down in a journal. Whenever I talk to a friend, I always feel so much better 🙂

    Kristen | http://www.sophisticatedgal.com

    1. I do too! Thanks for reading, Kristen!

  16. This is so good! I felt very stuck last month with my job and was finally very honest about it with a coworker I was close to… she was able to speak up for me and help me make some really big changes that changed the game for me! I definitely think expressing yourself to someone you trust can make a huge impact.

    xoxo, Paige

    1. That’s awesome, Paige!! Glad things got better!

  17. ugh. those last semester struggles are too real but you got this! I also am constantly checking for new opps when things start feeling too stagnant, it’s the best way to keep things interesting for sure xx

    1. So true! Thanks Elly!

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