Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

You know those cartoons that wear the same outfit every single day? As a kid, I used to think that was so weird. Now I’m just like, “Same.” Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when you have at least one outfit you can always depend on. Don’t get me wrong, I do change my clothing choices from day to day, but if all else fails I go for denim on denim. Yes I know, very 2002, but it’s one of my favorite trends.

This look is a variation of my “I don’t feel like being very creative today” outfit. My trusty denim jacket, my favorite distressed jeans, and of course, a black top. It also wouldn’t be my go-to look without my floral bag, Doc Martens, and a choker! Depending on the season, I switch out my Docs for a good pair of trainers, but it SNOWED again…frickin’ Iowa.

To add a little something more to this look, I decided to wear this statement baseball cap. I usually don’t like wearing hats because my head is big* and typically looks dumb in them, but this one gives me hope for a positive relationship with hats in the future!

*I kid you not, my mother made me try on hats in middle school so she could see which one would fit my dad. S/O to you, Momma!

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Top WhoWhatWear // Jacket Forever 21 // Jeans Jennifer Lopez // Bag Elliott Lucca

Sunglasses Target // Choker New Look // Hat TopShop

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What’s your go-to outfit of choice? Let me know in the comments!

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24 Replies to “Très Jolie: A Few Of My Favorite Things”

  1. LOL! Sorry if I scarred you for life, Honey! You look beautiful as always!!! 💗

  2. Your hat is so cute! Love those doc marten style boots too!
    City Style and Living: The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  3. hahah I had the same issue with wearing hats! It’s such a struggle to find well-fitting ones. ps this is such a cool outfit and I especially love that bag x

  4. My current go-to outfit is ripped jeans, sandals, and a plain colored tee haha. Love the denim on denim.

  5. Girl I have the same problem, I always wear the same kinda thing. its just so easy to through on a pair of jeans!! loving your hat btw so cute.

  6. This is too cute! Your shoes are amazing and I love how you paired a choker and ball cap together. Such a fun look!
    Katie |

  7. My mom did the same thing haha! Cute hat.

    Alix |

  8. I love your hat and your jean jacket! So cute!

    1. Thanks Silvia!

  9. I love that hat and sunglasses!

    1. Thank you Ashley!

  10. I actually love your hat and think it looks super cute on you!! Also huge fan of your jeans!

    1. Thanks Rachel!!

    2. Thanks Rachel!

  11. I’ve been buying embroidered hats every time I see them…it’s starting to become a problem. love yours! x, nicole //

    1. Haha I totally have that problem too! Thanks girl!

  12. I need some cute distressed jeans like those!!

    xoxo A

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