The Yellow Dress

Let me tell you a story. It’s Thursday, July 17, 2014, and my mom and I are walking along Oxford Street in London amongst great crowds of Londoners and tourists alike. We pop into different shops, browsing the selection, oohing and aahing at all the trends that hadn’t yet made it to the Midwestern United […]

Inspired by Cinderella

I know what you’re thinking: That outfit doesn’t resemble Cinderella in any way whatsoever. There’s a bit of truth to that statement as I’m not wearing a blue dress or any tulle, however this lovely tank top is a piece from Lauren Conrad’s Cinderella collection for Kohl’s a few months back. As you read here, […]

Exploring Color

It’s a fact that I don’t have an abundance of color in my wardrobe with most of my clothing items falling somewhere on the grayscale or other neutral tones. But even when something does have a lot of color in it, there’s a 95% chance it’s a floral print. What can I say? I’m a […]

Dainty in Denim

So as described in this post, I’m a huge fan of this season’s denim trend. Denim doesn’t just belong on your jeans anymore but also on dresses, tops, and other clothing items. What’s great about denim is that it’s so versatile, and you can style it basically however you want. I nearly forgot I had […]


Today was another beautiful day! My mom and I took it as the perfect opportunity to go walk around on Main Street and pop into a few shops. We had a delicious lunch at a new cafe, and I got a few new pieces of jewelry I’m really excited to wear. Today’s outfit combines a […]