Top 5 Summer Shoe Trends

Top 5 Summer Shoe Trends of 2017 | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

There are affiliate links in this post, and I may make a small profit if you click one. Thank you for supporting Five Foot and Fabulous! You know, I love a lot of things in this world. I love my family, friends, chocolate, pizza, and Netflix amongst other things. Amongst that long list is a […]

Business Casual vs. Business Professional

It’s common knowledge that in most business environments, there’s some sort of dress code that the employees need to follow. It can be as simple as company t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but often times corporate offices require their staff to stick to a certain set of guidelines that they label “business casual” and “business professional.” […]

Fall Must Haves

By now, everyone should know that I’m basically counting down the days until fall. This being said, I’m actively looking for new things to add to my wardrobe. Confessions of a shopaholic, am I right? At any rate, I decided to go online window shopping, and find all the things I want for this season. […]

Bohemian Vibes

We all have that piece of clothing that just hangs in the closet, waiting for the perfect occasion to be worn. In my case, the piece is this absolutely gorgeous Free People dress I got while in North Carolina last month. It deserves to be seen by a crowd of people because of how special […]

Black Suede

One of my absolute favorite trends this season is suede! It’s soft, chic, and is totally 70’s. I spotted this black suede number at Target a few days back and practically squealed. To make it even better, it has pockets, and you all know how much I love dresses with pockets. To add a little […]

Romping Around North Carolina

As some of you may know, I’m currently on a family vacation to Highlands, North Carolina. My uncle bought a vacation home out here, and it’s crazy beautiful! The only problem? There’s no cell service at the house because it’s up in the mountains. The only time I’ve been able to use my phone is […]

The T-Shirt Dress

Alright guys, today I’m bringing you one of the easiest, comfiest, and chicest ways to stay cool during the summer! Shorts and t-shirts can get boring, and sundresses can get uncomfortable sometimes, but why not combine the two to create the perfect piece? That’s right, a t-shirt dress! The material is light, there’s no zippers […]


T-minus one month until I’m back at school! This summer has gone by so fast, it’s almost a bittersweet feeling. I can’t wait to go back to the daily grind and see my friends, but I’m going to miss working my part-time job and being in the comfort of my home. I sometimes joke about […]