Styling for Petites: Alterations and Quick Fixes

Styling for Petites | Alterations & Quick Fixes. Part 3 of 3 of my Styling for Petites mini series!

Welcome to the final part in my Styling for Petites series! We’ve talked about silhouettes and hemlines, so now it’s time for the final steps in making sure you’re wearing clothes that make you look, but more importantly feel, great! Today, I’ll cover everything from getting your clothes tailored to last minute fixes before you walk […]

A Farewell to Summer

Fall has officially come to Iowa with temperatures cooling down nearly 20 degrees between Monday and Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I have a lot of sweaters and boots that I’ve been waiting to wear for the past couple weeks. However, no matter how much I love sweater weather, it’s still a little bittersweet […]

Black and Blue

New dresses + newly cut and dyed hair = a happy Anna. This dress has been sitting in my closet for a few months with the tags still attached. Why? I wanted to find some sort of statement jewelry to go with it. I had a bright pink necklace in my head, and the only […]

Denim Shopping Guide for Petites

Denim shopping is kind of a double-edged sword for me every year. During the colder months, I practically live in jeans. They’re super versatile, they can be dressed up or down, and they’re always on trend. Once you find a pair or two of jeans that you love, everything is great.The only problem? The process […]

The T-Shirt Dress

Alright guys, today I’m bringing you one of the easiest, comfiest, and chicest ways to stay cool during the summer! Shorts and t-shirts can get boring, and sundresses can get uncomfortable sometimes, but why not combine the two to create the perfect piece? That’s right, a t-shirt dress! The material is light, there’s no zippers […]

Garden Party

I’ve always been the happiest in pink. It doesn’t matter what shade, from pale to vivid, it just brightens my spirits. If you took a look at my closet, you would see that the reigning color (besides black and white) is pink. I guess I’m just drawn to it. The skirt I wore today combines two of […]