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Hello, and welcome to my new mini-series – “Styling for Petites”! I originally started this blog on the basis that I have a petite build and sometimes finding well-fitting clothing options is a struggle, so I wanted to help other people with the same problem. Over the past months, I have built upon this purpose to include more general style and lifestyle posts, but now I want to rewind a bit and focus on what this blog was originally created for: petite fashion.

After that little mini-introduction, let’s get down to business.

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I don’t know about other petite gals, but I don’t mind being 5’1 and just generally tiny. That being said, I don’t want to appear any shorter than I already am. Fact: I’m still offered the kid’s menu at multiple restaurants, and I’m a sophomore in college.

In order to avoid these somewhat embarrassing experiences, I try to dress in a way that accentuates the smallest portions of my body and appears to elongate my torso or legs. This is done through a variety of ways, all of which I’ll discuss in the series, but by far one of the most helpful methods is through wearing the right silhouettes.

Silhouettes To Look For


Sheath Fit
sheath fit is slightly looser than your typical fit and flare, but it still has a structure that accentuates your waist. A defined waist is a must have if you want to appear taller! If your dress doesn’t already have this detail, then you can easily create the look you need with a belt.
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An hourglass silhouette is most commonly known as a fit-and-flare. This is my personal favorite type of silhouette because it’s super fun and feminine. You can find hourglass shapes in dresses, coats, and some tops (peplums, anyone?).
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Silhouettes To Avoid


Shift fit
The rectangle silhouette, often referred to as a shift, is a big no-no. Only incorporate these into your wardrobe if you promise to cinch your waist somehow! The loose shape (or lack there-of) makes petite girls look like they’re swimming in it. Don’t get me wrong, I totally wish I could wear a shift dress without being swallowed by it, but it’s just not in the cards for us.

 Drop Waist

Drop Waist
Drop waist silhouettes are lovely on tall people. On petites? Not so much. Not only does the waist seem to always hit us on the hips (aka the widest part of the body), the style can appear juvenile. As I said earlier, I’m not too crazy about being mistaken for a 13 year old.
And thus concludes the first part of the series! I hope this helps if you’re looking for flattering silhouettes!

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