Styling for Petites: Hemlines

“Hello, it’s me…” with part two of my Styling for Petites series! This is a bit off topic, but is anyone else as completely obsessed with “Hello” by Adele as I am? It’s literally been on repeat for the last 48 hours. I’m only a little sorry for my neighbors, but they should actually be quite grateful that such a beautiful sound is constantly gracing their ears.

Anyway, this week I’m going over the importance of hemlines. You know, the things that always seem to be too long for short legs.

Styling for Petites: Hemlines! Find the right hemline for your height on

Raise your hand if shopping for bottoms is a struggle for you. Is your hand raised? Mine is. Jeans are either too long or fit in all the wrong areas (or both), and dress pants are the same. When it comes to skirts, there are the minis that should only be worn at a club, the midis that hit you at about 4 inches longer than on a person of average height, and the maxis that drag on the floor and are tripping hazards. The struggle is certainly real, isn’t it?

Let’s tackle jeans and pants first, shall we?

Petite-Friendly Denim Styles


1. Boyfriend or Mom Jeans: These jeans are the best thing that’s ever happened to denim. They’re trendy, comfortable, and they’re supposed to look too big for you. If that’s not music to a petite gal’s ears, I don’t know what is. They look great with a pair of sneakers, ballet flats, or chunky heels!

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2. Flared Jeans: Disclaimer – there are definitely a few things to keep in mind before you rush to the store and pick up the first pair of flared jeans that you see. First, dark wash is better than light. It makes you look slimmer and taller than light wash does. Secondly, see if you can find any jeans with vertical details. For instance, the buttons in the above picture makes the model appear taller because they guide the eye down rather than across. If you remember those two things, you should be able to wear flared jeans with no problem! Just make sure you buy them in the right length or get them tailored to fit your inseam!

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3. Skinny Jeans: The tried and true fit, skinny jeans are my go-to denim style. They’re in every clothing store, typically fit pretty well, and make your legs appear longer. The only thing you might have trouble with is the weird bunching at the bottom if you buy them too long, but that can easily be fixed with a cuff or two at the hem!

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Petite-Friendly Dress Pants

Dress Pants


1. J.Crew Ryder PantThese beauties come in multiple colors, not to mention in petite, regular, and tall sizes! They are literally the perfect fit for anyone!  J.Crew pants are also high quality, so they won’t wear out with only a few washes.

2. Gap Slim Cropped Tuxedo PantsDress pants from the gap are my favorite. This particular pair skims the ankles, even on a girl with a 28″ inseam. That’s impressive, if I do say so myself. Gap pants have the perfect amount of stretch to the point where they’re comfortable, but you don’t have to keep pulling them up throughout the day. If you’re looking for a good pair of dress pants, definitely check out the Gap!

3. Express Editor Ankle PantsWith a 28″ inseam, these pants are perfect! I love Express’ editor pants because they fit petite figures really well because they’re slim fitting through the hips. Plus, they come in different colors and prints, so you can add a lot of variety to your work wardrobe!

Let’s Talk About Skirts

1. Mini Skirts: Mini skirts are super cute for casual wear, but not the best for a professional or formal occasion. They also happen to be the skirts that flatter every single height, which is a definite plus! There’s a ton of options out there, but if you want to look more professional, make sure your skirts are less than two inches above your knees. That way you can be sassy and classy at the same time 🙂
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2. Midi Skirts: I have a love-hate relationship with this style of skirt. They look fabulous on every single model or blogger I see them on, and then I put one on and it’s ridiculously long. The hemline hits me at about mid-shin, which makes my legs appear even shorter than they already are. If you want a midi skirt, I highly suggest buying one in the petite section or getting one tailored to fit your figure.
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 3. Maxi Skirts: Personally, I’m not a huge fan of maxi skirts, but maybe it’s because I never really gave them a chance. I know a ton of petite girls that totally ROCK the maxi, and I admire them for it! Again, just be aware of the length. If you buy a maxi that’s too long, then you’ll be tripping over it all day, and that’s no good for anyone.
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This concludes part 2 of my Styling for Petites series! Let me know how you’re liking this series, and if you want to see tips for certain things! I’m always open to new ideas 🙂

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