6 Pre-Bedtime Rituals You Should Pick Up

6 Pre-Bedtime Rituals You Should Pick Up | On Five Foot and Fabulous!

Ah, bedtime. Quite honestly, it’s my favorite time of day. Call me a grandma, but I always get excited when it gets late because that means I get to go to sleep soon. Over the past couple months, I’ve nailed down a really good nightly routine that helps me get to sleep quicker and easier.

Disclaimer: Just because these work for me doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work for you, as well. Everyone is unique, and self-care is no exception. That being said, I really hope these rituals will work well for you too!

6 Pre-Bedtime Rituals You Should Pick Up | On Five Foot and Fabulous!

Wash your face & take off your makeup

Since our face technically isn’t made to be caked with foundation all day, you definitely want to make sure it’s clean before going to bed. It doesn’t really matter what you use: makeup remover, soap and warm water, or some other fancy face cleanser, but anything helps!

This is probably the only time of day your face gets any rest, so make the most of it!

Prepare for the next day

If you’re a college student, gather all the things you need for tomorrow’s classes. Checking your planner to see if you need anything specific, filling your water bottle, and putting your keys in your backpack are all great ways to prepare!

If you’re a professional, make sure all your work-related necessities are in the same place. Have your coffee pot filled with water, make your lunch, and plan your outfit in advance. These all help because you won’t need to take any time away from your morning routine! Trust me when I say that you’ll thank yourself in the morning if you do this!

Drink some tea

Y’all know how much I love coffee, but I can’t drink it at night. I could go for decaf, but that’s just sad, bitter water. From my experience, tea soothes the soul. Fact*: There is no problem tea can’t fix.

A cup of tea before bed is not only relaxing, but it also boosts the metabolism. “Why is this important before bed?” you may ask yourself. Ever notice how you’re not as bloated in the morning as you are at night? That’s because your metabolism works hard to process everything while you’re sleeping. Drinking certain types of tea will help it work faster! Science rocks!

*Probably not an actual fact

Listen to soothing music

As much as I love listing to EDM while I’m studying (that beat drop though), I can’t listen to it shortly before bed. It makes my brain too wired! I usually switch to a calmer, more melodic music later at night. I’m not saying you have to listen to classical symphonies, even indie music or acoustic covers of popular songs could work!

Write in a journal

Journaling is a great way to get all your feelings out after a long day. If you’ve had an especially taxing day, this could be just what you need to calm down! Think of it as a mellow catharsis. Plus, it’s an excuse to go to Target and pick out a new journal and some pretty pens!

Read a book

Those dorky educational shows you watched in elementary school were right when they said books are rad. While there are now more formats in which you can read a book (paper, e-reader, iPad), your eyes would appreciate a break from a screen. That being said, read a physical paper book. This is also calming, and it often puts you in a good mood. Everyone wants to fall asleep happy!

These are just 6 of the many ways you can relax before heading to bed. Anyone have any pre-bedtime rituals that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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24 Replies to “6 Pre-Bedtime Rituals You Should Pick Up”

  1. these are awesome rituals! I need to journal more!

  2. Reading before bed is my favorite nighttime ritual, I find I sleep so much better than when I watch Netflix before bed!

  3. These are some great rituals! I’m trying to read every night. Some nights are easier than others!

    1. Yeah, I’ve started to try and get better at it too!

  4. These are awesome!! This is actually pretty close to my current routine, I just need to work on the “prepare for the next day” part!

    1. Thats sometimes the hardest thing to remember!

  5. I love reading before bed!

  6. I need to get better at going to bed early. It’s one of my goals for this month. Definitely going to use some of these tips!
    Katie | http://www.millennialonthemove.com

    1. Glad to hear it Katie!

  7. Drinking hot tea at night is absolutely perfect! Great tips.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

  8. These are all great! I am a huge fan of drinking my evening tea. I’ve always wanted to journal, but for some reason I never can follow through with it! Maybe one day… haha

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. Girl, I can’t journal for more than a week before I get bored with it. I feel yo pain!

  9. LOVE reading before bed – it helps me to unwind and feel relaxed!

  10. Taking off my makeup, putting on my night cream and drinking a big glass of water are a few things I do every night before bed! I need to try the other tips.

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    1. Those are all awesome things to do!

  11. Preparing for the next day is one of the BIGGEST things i can do to set myself up for succcess!

    1. True that, Maegan!

  12. You basically just described my night time routine! I do all those things 🙂

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