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London College of Fashion Styling Photoshoot

Styling Project at London College of Fashion

During my 8 week study abroad program at London College of Fashion, I was given the task to plan and direct an 8 look editorial photo spread with the help of two team members. We had to find our own model, photographer, and makeup artist with very little assistance from our professor. Our theme was 1980’s Color Pop and we shot in various locations in Shoreditch, East London.

London College of Fashion Visuals & Mood Boards

Visuals for Fashion project LCF

Another course at London College of Fashion was called Visuals for Fashion. In this course, we were asked to create 10 visuals in Adobe Photoshop. We didn’t have any guidelines other than that we had to create a mix of collages and grids. The objective was to express our creativity and think outside the box.

Iowa State Trend Magazine Styling

As a fashion committee director for Trend Magazine, I have the responsibility of planning and directing a photoshoot with a co-director and a team of 10-20 committee members. In Spring 2016, I was the director of the Beauty & Fashion Story Styling committee, meaning I would style the images used for the fashion and beauty articles in the magazine. In Fall 2016, I was the director of the Fashion Forecasting committee, and our concept was “The New Feminine.”