The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Can we take a moment to appreciate jeans? I know some of you don’t love denim as much as I do, but you can’t lie that they are here to stay. Women have been wearing jeans on the reg for over 50 years, but the popular silhouette has changed just about every season. From the bell bottoms of the 70’s to the super tight skinnies of the 2000’s, jeans still remain to be popular. Thank goodness for that.

I know I say this with each new pair I get, but I think I found the most perfect jeans in the world. They are a vintage hi-rise pair from American Eagle. I seriously love American Eagle jeans! They are my go-to brand because I know they fit well and aren’t (super) expensive. Let me explain why these are my new favorites.

Real Pockets (!!)

Guys. These jeans have real pockets and they’re actually deep. I don’t know who came up with the idea to manufacture women’s jeans with fake or shallow pockets, but they were wrong. To be honest, it was probably a man who wore cargo pants. Anyway, any pair of jeans with pockets that fit my entire phone is a winner in my book!

The Perfect Pair of Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

High waisted

I lived through the low-rise jean trend during my late elementary + early middle school years, and let me tell you I was not about that life. If there’s even a chance that my midriff might accidentally show, I refuse to wear the jeans. High rise fo life.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Distressed & detailed

Y’all know I like my jeans to be distressed. I also like when they have unique details on them. This particular pair of jeans has embroidery and a big ol’ patch on one of the knees. I think jeans should have a personality, and this pair definitely does.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Fitted in all the right places

I’m a huge fan of the boyfriend/tomgirl/mom/whatever-the-heck-you-want-to-call-it style. It flatters my shape the best out of any other jeans I’ve tried, and they’re short girl friendly. God bless the boyfriend jean.

The Perfect Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

The Perfect Pair of Jeans | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous!

 Top Sweater Project // Jeans American Eagle (on sale!)* // Shoes Nine West

Bag Betsey Johnson // Belt Target // Choker Gift

What are the requirements for your perfect pair of jeans? Let me know in the comments!

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25 Replies to “The Perfect Pair Of Jeans”

  1. I just bought two pairs of these and I love them! They are so comfy but still structured. Great find!

    1. Aren’t they the best?!

  2. I really like jeans that have some stretch, I am always moving and I like to feel unrestricted!

  3. American Eagle truly does have the BEST jeans! The only place I shop for them.

  4. I really like the distressing on these jeans & the patch detail is super cute.

    1. Thanks Kristine!

  5. I love American Eagle jeans! I’ve yet to try the boyfriend jean yet but I should get on that.

    1. Yes you should!

  6. Fit, pockets and wash are all requirements for me!


  7. I love these jeans! So cute and definitely trendy.


  8. I’m obsessed with denim like this! I love a good wash and distressed look.

    Greta |

  9. I need to go into AE and try on some. I used to only wear AE jeans but I don’t know if I just got chubby, haha, but the last jeans I bought in my normal size would not go past my thighs. But I’m going to try them again because I loved their jeans so much.

    1. Ahh yes you need to wear them again!

  10. I can’t remember buying jeans from anywhere else but American Eagle. I love basically every type they have. I even love their colored jeans and khakis!
    Katie |

  11. Those jeans look great for running around and staying comfortable during errands!

  12. I always felt like AE or Guess jeans fit the best! These ones are super cute!

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