Beginning A New Hair Journey

I feel like my hair has always been one of my defining features. I often change my hair style or color when big things happen to me, and it’s more important for me to have a good hair day than a good makeup day. I’ve never done anything particularly crazy to my hair, but I’ve always been ultra-aware of the way it looks.

From the day I was born, I had a full head of hair (or at least as full as a baby’s head can be). By my first birthday, you could already tell I would have thick locks of medium brown hair.

baby anna

Baby Anna 

You know how most babies have their “first haircut”? To my knowledge, I never had one of those. I mean obviously I had a few trims, but my first real haircut was in first grade. I cut off my long locks for some that just hit my shoulder. I don’t have the photo of that particular day, but I do have a picture of me looking fly in a pink and black outfit. This would’ve been taken the summer after 2nd grade, I believe.

Post 2nd-grade

Oddly, my color aesthetic was the same then as it is now.

I kept my hair roughly this length for the remainder of elementary school. It was super thick at this point and I would always have troubles with it because no 4th grader really wants to spend 500 hours on her hair every day. I rocked many a half-up hairstyle during this stage of my life. Around 4th or 5th grade is when my mom first allowed me to put highlights in my hair. I was bored to death of medium brown and wanted something more special. I mean, you could hardly tell I even got highlights because the caramel color was so close to my natural color, but I was happy. My hair was cooler that way.

I didn’t start growing my hair out again until the end of 7th grade. I wanted to dye it red at this point because I was mad into Harry Potter (still am), and was convinced I wanted to be a Weasley. My mom said no, but continued to allow me to get highlights and box dye my hair a single shade darker. I’ll spare you most of the photos because they’re painfully awkward, but here’s my freshman year yearbook photo.

Me feat. box dye + caramel highlights. Also wearing a burnout shirt from Maurice’s lolz

Note the straight hair. Mine is naturally wavy but since it was 2010, I straightened it every single day. But guys, from here I just let it grow. I was able to get it up into those big sock buns that were popular in 2012, and I quite frequently rocked the Katniss Everdeen-esque side braid. Oh, how simple times were back then. Also something worth noting is that my mom finally let me dye my hair an actual different color my senior year. I got a dark brown with burgundy undertones, and I was crazy about it! I was also crazy in love with how long and thick my hair was. A real life quote from 18-year-old me: “I want to keep my hair as long as I can for as long as I can.”

Big cheesy grin bc finally done with high school

Then came college. I was pretty lazy my first semester so I didn’t really do much to my hair. The color from it faded and I let it do its own thing. I dyed it again over Christmas break, but by March it was looking pretty blah again. I was growing tired of a lot of things that were going on at that time in my life, including my relationship. I started to really focus on my dreams and decided to get a new hairstyle to represent that. Thus, I chopped off my hair and finally dyed it the red I had been wanting for years.



This was also the time I started my blog. It was pretty amateur back then, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? Anyway, my new hair made me happier than I can even express. Even looking back through the photos is making me tear up a little bit because this was the point where I finally took charge of my life. Things were getting good.

Y’all know that I pretty much had that same haircut ever since. Yes, the shades of red varied. Sometimes there were layers, sometimes there weren’t. But ultimately, it’s been the same. A few times during this stage I kind of missed my long hair, but I always preferred my current style.

As per my rule of changing my hair for a big life moment: I chopped even more off right before I started my internship this summer. Instead of my classic straight across cut, I opted for a diagonal lob.

Yes, that is my senior picture staring you down in the background.

I loved this style for the first couple weeks. Then…not so much. Last week I looked in the mirror and straight up started crying because I hate the state my hair is in right now. It thinned out so much over the past few years, lost its wavy texture, and takes way too much work just to make it look mediocre at best.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you know that I made the decision to grow it out. I’m not completely sure how long I want it, and I’m also not sure if I’m going to keep the red. I love my red hair, but I also know that most hair dye is thinning. My family has a history of thin hair, and I’m not trying to speed up that process.

So here I am at a point of ambivalence. I’m not quite sure how to move forward from here, and I would like your advice. Have you gone through this before? What’s worked for you? I’m opening up the comments for you to share your tips, opinions, and your own hair journey! Let’s have a conversation.

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28 Replies to “Beginning A New Hair Journey”

  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling with your hair right now (I’ve lived that struggle many times) but I love this post for the walk down memory lane it provided me! And I think your hair is beautiful no matter what length, color, or style it is…or isn’t!!! 😘

  2. I love the new color! I’ve tried so many different hair colors in the past and I always come back to the blonde. I just feel more like myself with blonde hair.

    1. Then stick with it, girl!

  3. I love your hair cut! My hair has thinned out and I haven’t found any remedies. 🙁

    1. Ughh same girl!

  4. I love the new color- it brings out your eyes! I’ve heard that biotin is good for thinning hair- maybe it’s worth a try

    1. Thank you! I’ll def try that!

  5. Loved reading more about your hair adventures. I love the red color on you. I’ve always had long hair because I’m too scared to try anything different haha.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I would say that if something piques your interest, you should try it!

  6. I feel you! I’ve just now colored my hair for the first time and love it now, but was in such a rut before!

    1. Glad you love it now!

  7. I had super long hair (like the length it is now) for most of my life, but at the end of my freshman year of college, right when I realized I’d be transferring, I cut off 10 inches! A little bit longer then what you have now. I loved it at first but then hated it lol! I was just patient for a good two years and it finally grew back long to what I loved. I don’t have any great hair tips other than just to be patient- because other then that I’m pretty boring with hair haha! Loved this post though!

    xoxo A

    1. Oh wow, 10 inches is a lot! I think my initial cut was about 8 so almost there!

  8. I loved the color and haircut! Sometimes I feel I should do something like that. But then I get scared of the change hahaha

    xx, Melissa

    1. I would say go for it, girl! When I drastically changed my hair, I was SOOOO happy! Sometimes you just gotta take a chance!

  9. Ooooooh your hair looks amazing!!!! I totally love those lob haircuts!!

  10. I had an angled bob in high school and it was so fun! The summer before my senior year I cut it ALL off.. like pixi cut, maybe shorter, but my hair is curly. I cut it all off again after a bad break up my sophomore year of college and immediately regretted it, after growing it out almost a year I bleached it to death. I’ve been growing it out now for about 2.5 years an I never want to cut it off again!

    1. Glad your hair story has a happy ending!

  11. That’s how I cut my hair this summer!

    1. I hope you love it!

  12. I LOVE your hair in the last picture. I have to say it looks better then when I cut my hair short when I was in high school… It was a mess and having curly hair just made it worse. It grew out though and now things are way better, you will get there too someday just gotta be patient :/

    1. Oh gosh, sorry you had difficulties too!

  13. Your hair journey is just so interesting. I love the new color!

    1. Thank you! I love the color too but red washes out so fast!

  14. I have had lots of up and downs, when I first did a big chop my hair no longer gave me pretty soft waves naturally, but i learned how to play with my hair and it will always grow back

  15. Oh my gosh girl, I totally feel you! I’ve been every rainbow color and always end up back to my natural reddish brown because I realize I need to appreciate it while it lasts! xoRach |

    1. Very good point!

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