Monthly Musings: March

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Hello, all, and welcome to the newest volume of “Anna is stressed tf out”. It seems like stress has just become a constant emotion for me, right along with tired and hungry. Basically #adulting has made me a hot mess.  To further iterate that, here is my thought process throughout the day: I need to find an internship…coffee coffee coffee…SCHOOL…extra curricular activities…let me refresh this internship website…what is sleep? 

You know that episode of SpongeBob where he has to forget everything except breathing and fine dining and the lil’ sponges in his brain go crazy burning everything? Yeah, that’s my current aesthetic.

Enough with the complaining though, I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy. Let’s get to the more positive stuff! My committee for the fashion show had our first big event on the 24th and it went super well! Look at all our cheesin’ faces!

*Also note how pale I am, lol

Some other highlights from this month included: getting to go home for a few days during spring break. Those weren’t my original plans, but the story behind that is very long and kind of sad, so I’m not going to go into it. I also hit 600 Insta followers after hitting a plateau around 590. I was literally there for probably about two weeks – so frustrating!


Guys, I suck. I haven’t read hardly at all this month. I’ve been so tired by the end of the day that I always just crawl into bed and fall asleep. I’ll try to get better at this next month though!


I haven’t actually listened to a lot of new music this month! Obviously I have to make note of Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide. Otherwise, Lana Del Rey has been on repeat for the last week. I will say that I discovered my old One Direction CD when I went home for break, so the whole drive back to college I was dancing along to the likes of What Makes You Beautiful.


So I finished Orphan Black and OMG if you have Amazon Prime (or if your country has it on Netflix) you NEED TO WATCH IT. The last season is coming out on June 10th on BBC America so mark your calendars!

I recently started watching Shameless. I realize I’m late to the bandwagon on that, too, but I really do enjoy it. The problems the characters face are similar to Skins (UK version obv), but with an odd twist of the drama from Gossip Girl. I know, a very weird comparison, but it’s the best way I know how to describe it.

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How was your March? Let me know your highlights in the comments!

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20 Replies to “Monthly Musings: March”

  1. I haven’t seen Shameless yet but everybody is raving about it! I’m going to start it when school ends!

  2. Shameless is such a good show! A bit raunchy but I’m a fan.

  3. My March was pretty uneventful! Looking forward to April.

    Alix |

  4. Oh my gosh, I was so into One Direction back in the day. I still love their songs tbh, they are just so catchy. And girl I feel ya, I am so busy and stressed (and pale) right now!

  5. Someone was just telling me to watch Shameless tonight!! Sounds like a busy but fun month!

    xoxo A

  6. I am binging Shameless RN!!! OBSESSED! Also congrats on the new IG milestone!

    1. Dude isn’t it fantastic? Love it!

    2. Thanks Rachel! And I’m also obsessed!

    1. Yes! He’s the best!

  7. I love Shameless! It really hooks ya! Congrats on that insta milestone!

    1. Yes it does! Thanks Kirsten!

  8. I cannot believe it’s already almost April, time is flying! I was terrible and didn’t read a single book this month, need to change that next month!

  9. Everyone has been talking about Shameless! The fact that it has some Gossip Girl drama makes me even more interested.

    1. Yeah there’s definitely a hint of that in there!

  10. Ughhh, I just love Ed Sheeran! So many of my friends watch Shameless. I see them talk about it on Twitter all the time. I need to watch!

  11. Everyone keeps telling me to start Shameless, and I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Also YES Ed’s new album is just aunjkdsnihsjkd incredible!!!!

    1. Ahhh you need to watch it!

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