Monthly Musings: June

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to another installment of Monthly Musings. Today we’re going to chat all about the month of June! In contrast to May, June went by super fast!

I’ve basically been spending my days working at my internship. By the time this post gets published, I’ll only have three more days left there! Crazy how quick 8 weeks go by! I’m learning loads, and I can’t wait to tell you guys more details about it!

On the second weekend of the month, my mom and niece came over to visit for a few days! My niece had never been into the city before, so that Saturday was her first time exploring downtown! You can check out a guide to Downtown Chicago here. Every trip to the city is fun, but it’s even more fun when someone is experiencing it for the first time!

I’ve been spending my other weekends chilling out and trying to save money (#UnpaidInternProbs). Although, I have been tempted by seasonal sales at the mall. I’ll go more into this in my recent purchases section of the post!

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty uneventful month. My life is a total blast, you guys!


I’ve still been reading The Cutaway by Christina Kovac and it’s pretty good. Not the best thing I’ve read in the world, but it’s not bad at all! It’s about a news producer who gets caught up in trying to solve a case. Intense in some parts, kind of predictable in others. Oh well.


June has been the month of podcasts!

I finished the Gilmore Guys podcast and I got kind of emotional, not going to lie. I started listening to the podcast from the beginning in December, and I was immediately hooked. Kevin and Demi are absolute GEMS to listen to and I highly suggest checking them out if you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls!

I’ve also been listening to Nightvale Radio. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically supposed to be a radio show for the fake town of Nightvale. Crazy things happen in this town, and you just have to listen to understand it all. It’s pretty fun!

I’ve also been listening to Rosecast Podcast. It’s two guys talking about The Bachelorette, and they have some hilarious opinions. I guess I just have a thing for guys podcasting about traditionally girly shows. Is that a genre?

I would love to hear any podcasts that y’all have been listening to!


So I finished Shameless at the beginning of the month. And yes, there is a Shameless-shaped hole in my heart currently!

I also watched an older ABC Family (Freeform?) series, Bunheads. The Gilmore Guys capped off their series with a commentary on it, so I had to watch it. At first, I was like “nah,” but about halfway through I was like “yeah!”. It’s kind of a corny show since it’s written by the show runner of Gilmore Girls (God bless Amy Sherman-Palladino), but it’s good if you want another heartwarming dramedy!

If y’all keep up with me on Twitter, or if you are a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve gotten into The Bachelorette. This is the first Bachelor franchise season I’ve watched, and I’m hooked. Who am I?

I also just finished catching up with Grey’s Anatomy and I’m currently watching this season of Orphan Black!

I’ve also been to two movies recently: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Rough Night. I know the Pirates series got old (especially after the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard drama), but I always held a special place in my heart for the series. When I was younger, I seriously wanted to be a Pirate when I grew up. I think I really just wanted to be Kiera Knightly, and that hasn’t really changed much!

Rough Night was ~alright~. To me, it felt like just another comedy surrounding a group of women. Now I’m feminist af, but for some reason this is just not a genre I can get into. I mean, it was a good movie and I love ScarJo and Kate McKinnon, but it didn’t thrill me!

Recent Purchases

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Steve Madden trainers (in pink)*

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What were your June highlights? I’d love to hear them, so leave a comment!

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27 Replies to “Monthly Musings: June”

  1. I’m so jealous of your Chicago adventures girl! Glad to hear your summer has been going well 🙂

    xoxo A

    1. Thanks Annaliese!

  2. I have yet to watch Shameless, but so many people have told me I must watch!!! Check out my post about my fav podcasts!! I swear by these women. They have helped me through a really rough period of my life and I feel incredible due to their guidance . xx

    1. Oooh I will definitely check those out! Thanks for the ref!

  3. I have been watching bachelor & bachelorette since like high school and this was the first season I haven’t watched. Now I feel like I’m missing out big time! haha!

    1. I’ve heard it’s not the best out of all of them, but I still think it’s good!

  4. We’re going to Chicago for my birthday in August. My husband has never been before, and although it’s going to be a really fast trip and we won’t get to experience everything that I would like to, I can’t wait for him to see why it’s my favorite place!

    1. That’s awesome! Hope you have a great time!

  5. Fully obsessed with The Bachelorette! I can’t handle Bryan though, and I think Rachel likes him the most!

    1. I’m pulling for Dean!

  6. Isn’t Grey’s Anatomy the BEST! I can’t wait for next season…I hate cliffhangers like that.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    1. Omg Grey’s is seriously amazing! I’ve started rewatching it!

  7. I love Chicago! It’s such a fun city to explore. You’re like the 4,000th person to rave about Shameless, so I might just have to start watching the show.

    xo, Ying |

    1. You should def start watching!

  8. Welcome to the dark side (re: the bachelor) wait for BIP in august!!!! IT’s SO good! Soon enough you’ll binge on bachelor related podcasts with me haha!

    1. Haha I can’t wait to see BIP!

  9. The highlight of June for me was celebrating mom’s birthday and eating all the food!

    1. Sounds like a great time!

  10. Honestly… unpaid internships shouldn’t exist! I’m lucky I got paid in mine. I want to go to Chicago soon. It has many things to do!

    xx, Melissa

  11. Michelle Paige says: Reply

    I’m so obsessed with Shameless. Just the other day my colorist told me he bumped into William Macy at the airport here a few weeks ago and apparently he has a house like 20 minutes away from me and likes to hang out at the super local bars. I am determined to find him!

    1. Omgggg that would be so rad!

  12. I loved the show bun heads!! it was awesome 🙂

    1. Omg so glad to find someone else who loved it! It was so good!

  13. Wow, June just FLEW by! Sadly one of my faves PLL ended 🙁

    1. It totally did fly by! Sorry to hear that one of your faves ended!

  14. EXCUSE ME WHAT there’s a gilmore guys podcast!?!? omg finding it now. and I agree with you re: rough night, I feel like it was kinda shitty and trying a lil too hard…

    1. Haha hope you enjoy the podcast!

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