Monthly Musings: February 2018

Can you guys believe it’s already March? I know February is the shortest month of the year, but it completely flew by! It’s kind of weird to think that I’ve been in my new place for two months, but I’ve definitely been enjoying it so far.

February brought many things, one of them being BAD WEATHER! I was basically snowed in for two weekends at the beginning of the month, one of them being my birthday weekend. Nothing says “feeling 22” quite like cross stitching with your cat sitting on your lap. Maybe I actually turned 72? Unsure.

February was also the month that I decided I needed to crack down on my health and fitness. I work a desk job, so it’s kind of difficult to get in the daily exercise I need during the day. Luckily, I found this great app called 8fit. It’s an at-home workout app with graduating levels of difficulty, so every workout gets my heart rate up and my blood flowing. As far as diet goes…I’m working on it. If you have any favorite healthy snacks (please no fruit, I have the taste buds of a 5 year old), please let me know! I’d love to get my nutrition on!

Other things that happened this month: My family visited to celebrate my birthday (a week late because of the snow), I passed my Illinois drivers license test, and I finished my first cross stitch! See the photo below!


Queer Eye: Oh my gosh you guys, I’m in LOVE with Queer Eye! I never watched the original show, but the Netflix reboot is seriously entertaining and tear jerking. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s the premise: 5 gay men specializing in different things (grooming, wardrobe, interior design, cooking, and culture) make over men who may have let themselves go or aren’t living to their true potential. Each episode makes you laugh and cry multiple times!

The Bachelor: Y’all, this season of The Bachelor looks like it’s going to end very dramatically. I accidentally saw a spoiler – don’t know if it’s true or not – but it’ll definitely be a fun finale to watch. Did you guys hear it’s going to be 5 hours of content split over 2 nights? Ugh, why does Chris Harrison & co. take up my whole life?

The Bachelor Winter Games: I couldn’t miss this spinoff: International love! Accents! My girl Bibiana! It was really sweet to see all these couples making connections across country lines, and I just have one question: Where do I sign up?


Potterless: An older podcast, but it’s new to me. A 25 year old guy reads Harry Potter for the first time and gives his commentary about it. He always has a guest who loves HP, so there’s always great conversations. A very funny and entertaining podcast all Harry Potter fans should listen to.

And as always: Rosecast, Small Town Murder, My Favorite Murder, and Punch Up The Jam.

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And that was my February! How did you spend yours? Let me know in the comments!

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11 Replies to “Monthly Musings: February 2018”

  1. Great roundup! I disliked the weather in February as well! I didn’t watch a lot of tv but it was okay.

  2. Bachelor Winter Games was awesome! Bibiana is the best and, of course, Luke sucks! he was so awful to Stassi!

  3. oh thanks for the round up! i’m always down to listen to more podcast’s so i definitely gotta check it out <3

  4. i loveeeed winter games! and this season of the bachelor has been my favorite in such a long time! and that potterless podcast sounds so good!

  5. It was so snowy here in Vermont! I feel like I was trapped inside most of the month!

  6. I am so ready for tomorrow so I can watch the Bachelor since I dont have cable just Hulu haha.

  7. Lacey Douthat says: Reply

    That cat bag is too darn cute!!!!

  8. I can’t even believe how The Bachelor ended! I’m secretly so excited for tonight to watch this all play out lol!!

  9. Potterless sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing, I shall check it out.

  10. Such a surprise the way the Bachelor ended! Sounds like you are making the most of a dreary winter month!

  11. saralaughedblog says: Reply

    I should definitely check out Potterless! I love a good podcast.

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