8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs

8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

I could never be a beauty blogger. 98% of my makeup comes from Target or Walgreens, and I just wear variations of the same makeup look every day. No kidding, I just change my eyeshadow or lip color every day and call it good. Regardless of that, I do have a love for lipstick. “I need it all,” I say, walking down the aisles at Target. “No you don’t, Anna. You already have like 15 of those colors,” my subconscious tells me. “Shut up, subconscious.”

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a lipstick junkie, but I do always have to be wearing one when I leave the house. Therefore, I’m going to crown myself ~Official Lipstick Aficionado~ until the end of this post. My first proclamation? All the lipstick shades a well-rounded makeup user should have!

8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Classic Red

I tend to have a bias for red lipsticks. From the brightest of brights to the vampiest of vamps, I love them all! The first color in my hoard collection of lipsticks was a classic red, actually! This color is perfect for just about any occasion. Date night? Check. Giving a presentation? You betcha. Dressing up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween? No question!

If you don’t have a classic red in your collection, head to the store pronto. I’ll be here when you get back.

Pictured: La Fascinante by Chanel

Dark Red

Got your classic red now? Good. You may now pass Go and collect $200. The next color you need in your collection is a vampy red. This is for when your classic red just isn’t ~edgy~ enough. This red says “Hey, my name is *insert name here* and I am a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man!”*

*Replace bolded words with whatever you prefer. Lipstick is for anyone who wants to wear it!

Light Pink

Light pink lipstick is for the day you’re feeling particularly feminine. It’s my shade of choice when I have a job interview or any other time I have to make a good first impression. Admittedly, it’s not my favorite shade in the world, but it’s a necessary component to a well-rounded collection!

Pictured: Tickled Pink by L’Oreal

8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!


Shimmer lipstick is like lipgloss but better. It has all the sparkle of lipgloss without the pain in the butt hair-stuck-on-mouth-because-it’s-windy business. It’s the lipstick I wear when I’m not really feeling a color, but I can’t leave the house without at least something. Shimmer lipstick probably deserves way more than what I give it.

Pictured: Uber by Zuzu Luxe

P.S. I swear I swatched it, it just doesn’t show up in the picture!


Nude lipstick shades differ for everyone based on their skin tone. Regardless, I feel like it’s the perfect day-to-day color! People can still tell you’re wearing lipstick, but it’s not like “Hey guys, I’m wearing lipstick! Look at my face!” If you want that effect, see #1-3, 6, and 8.

Pictured: Nude Embrace by Maybelline (matte)


Brown lipstick is nude lipstick’s cool older sister. The one who always has a new hobby, drinks black coffee, and is going into a creative profession. Brown is the lipstick shade we all want to be when we grow up.

Pictured: Plum Brown by Lorac Pro (Liquid Matte)

8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!


Berry is like the distant cousin of dark red. It’s for when you want to say “Heck yeah, I’m a badass!” but you’re still down for a Funfetti cupcake. And let’s face it, we all have those days.

Pictured: Vintage by NYX (liquid matte)

Statement Hue

Last, but certainly not least, is a statement hue. This goes beyond red, pink, nude, and berry. This is a whole new realm of the color wheel. Think blue, think green, think royal purple. Yeah, it might sound crazy, but these shades make you carry yourself with confidence. You’ll look people in the eye, you’ll walk with a strut, and you won’t take no for an answer. People will notice you, and they’ll wish they were as cool as you.

Pictured: Midnight Blue by Maybelline

8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

In my humble opinion, these are the lipstick shades every makeup user needs! Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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29 Replies to “8 Lipstick Shades Every Makeup User Needs”

  1. I am loving all your shades! I totally love all nudes and pinks! Would LOVE to see your lipstick collection! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/two-long-kimonos/

    1. Perhaps I’ll have to do another post on that!

  2. I love lipstick too! I wear it all the time and I’m always buying new shades! My favorite is a bright magenta I have.


    1. Ooh that sounds pretty!

  3. yes to the statement hue! I have “Sapphire Siren” by Maybelline (blue) and “Stone Fox” by NYX (gray).. They are so much fun to play with!

    1. Ooh I want a gray one so bad!

  4. I so agree! It’s just as important to have a diverse lipstick wardrobe as it is to have different types of outfits!

  5. Pinks and shimmer are lipsticks that i love to wear!

    1. They are fun to wear!

  6. I love these colours…great picks!

    ash -www.theashtreejournal.com

  7. I love a bold lip! I recently got a berry color and I’m obsessing over it. Plus your tattoo is awesome!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

    1. Ooh I love berry shades! Thanks Alix!

    1. YAS! I love nude shades!

  8. Nude for sure! I never wear lipstick though lol

    1. Lol I love me some lipstick!

  9. I can’t stop staring at the tattoo on your arm. What flower is that? It’s so nice!

    Shi Hui | IreviewUread

    1. Haha thanks girl! It’s a peony!

  10. I am so picky about lip colour, I have a hard time finding the right shades for me. But I love a good nude and deep pull

    1. Being picky is okay too! As long as you know what you love 🙂

  11. Oh I have so many lipsticks!! Most of them are just variations of peach or berry though- haha!!

    xoxo A

    1. Haha at least you know your color!

  12. I love a bright bubble gum pink or bright orange for the summer months. I’m like you, I buy all of my makeup at Target or Publix when I do my grocery shopping!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    1. I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on makeup! Drug store makeup fo life!

  13. I love all of these shades! I definitely think every girl should have them!

  14. Wow these are such pretty shades, some of them definitely wouldn’t match my complexion but you should rock them if you can!

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