How To Find Housing For An Internship

How To Find Housing For An Internship | A how to guide on Five Foot and Fabulous!

I don’t know about you, but I quite like having a roof over my head. I also like knowing that this roof is stable, safe, and preferably nice. If you’re searching for an internship out of your hometown or state, then it can be kind of hard to find good housing. It’s even harder if you’re not staying in a major city like New York or Chicago!

Believe me when I say that I’ve done my fair share of searching for internship housing. I looked at all my options, and ultimately I knew which one was best for me in the city I was interning in. Since I want to be a good resource for all soon-to-be interns, I want to share some good options!

How To Find Housing For An Internship | A how to guide on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Intern Housing ($$)

“Anna, isn’t this what this post is all about?” Good observational skills, friend! However, you must note that there are housing complexes especially for interns or people just entering the workforce. This gives you the opportunity to meet new people your age, and many of them are relatively inexpensive!

New York

Webster Apartments (females only)




Chicago Summer Housing

Arc At Old Colony

The Buckingham

Washington, D.C.

Interns DC

The Washington Intern Housing Network

Dorms ($$-$$$)

If you’re jetting off to a city, there’s likely to be many colleges that offer their dorm rooms/apartments to incoming interns. The best part is, 80% of the time you don’t even have to be enrolled in anything at the university! How rad is that?

New York






Los Angeles


AirBnB/HomeSuite ($-$$$)

Sometimes you’ll go to a city where the dorms or intern housing options are very slim, but that’s okay! If it’s a big enough city, you should be able to find an AirBnB that offers long-term stays, usually at a discounted price! HomeSuite is another option that specializes in 30+ day stays. They offer fully furnished apartments in a variety of locations, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

Extended Stay Hotels/Short lease apartments ($$-$$$)

If the place you’re interning at is in kind of an obscure town that doesn’t have many options, check out an extended stay hotel or short lease apartments. These places are often advertised towards business people rather than the general public, but hey, you’re a business person now!

Just like other housing, the price of these places vary from city to city, but they usually fall around a mid range price point!

Extended Stay America

Corporate Housing

Stay with a relative or friend

Last, but certainly not least, you could see if you have a friend or relative living in the area. If you do, you might be able to sweet talk them into letting you stay with them for little-to-no cost! Sure, you might have to pitch in for groceries or pay a little rent, but at least you’ll have a place where you can be comfortable!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for finding intern housing? Let me know in the comments!

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23 Replies to “How To Find Housing For An Internship”

  1. This post is full of great resources. A few years ago I was hoping to accept an internship across the country but had to turn it down because I had such a difficult time finding affordable temporary housing. Now that Airbnb is such a big thing it would definitely be easier. I also love the idea of a dorm for the summer-it’s easy and feels safe for students in a new city!

    1. Ugh, that’s too bad about the internship! And dorms are a great place for student interns!

  2. This is such a great post! Such awesome resources too! I would of loved to know about this when I interned!

    1. Glad you liked this post!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!! Will keep this post in mind if I ever have to do this 🙂

    1. Glad you found this helpful!

  4. This is such a great resource! It’s nice of you to form this list together for everyone!

    1. Thanks Silvia!

  5. This would be really helpful! Finding ANY housing in a city you don’t live in (and especially aren’t familiar with) can be really stressful and scary in the bigger cities!

    1. Thanks Kate! Hope this gave you some resources!

  6. Oh wow! so many resources I didnt even know/think about! I always stayed in areas I knew people or were familiar with so I didn’t think about this very much

    1. Thanks Rachel! It was a necessity for me bc there’s no places to intern where I live/relatives live

  7. Girl such a great roundup!! Most of my internships were always in the city I went to college in, BUT this is so helpful for anyone traveling for summer work.

    xoxo A

    1. Thanks Annaliese!

  8. This is a great post for college age and people looking for interns away from home!

    1. Thanks Mckenna!

  9. Great info! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading Alix!

  10. These are such smart ideas, i have never thought about this before

  11. UGH I wish I had this a few years ago when I was in college internships!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Sorry this came a few years late!

  12. This would’ve been so helpful while I was in school! Such a great resource for college students!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Thanks Steph!

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