Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Men At All Price Points

Another Tuesday, another gift guide for your convenience! Last week, we covered gifts for women, and this week we’ll talk about gifts for men!

I don’t know about you, but I find giving gifts to dudes incredibly difficult. Guys don’t usually tend to express what they want, and when they do, it’s not very affordable. Like, sure, I’ll totally get you that 2018 Ford Mustang you want, no problem whatsoever!

Whenever I do think of something, it always seems to be an “aha!” moment. It’s so rare that it’s worth celebrating! So if you’re like me, and completely clueless as to what guys like, then this is the post for you. Some of these products are actually Dad Approved™, so you could say this is a pretty legit guide!

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Holiday Gift Guide For Men | Affordable gifts for men | Five Foot and Fabulous

Bourbon Infused Coffee ($20) // Sometimes coffee needs a little flavor, and bourbon could be the perfect touch!

Record Coasters ($18) // If your beau is a music lover, then he will also love these novelty coasters!

5-in-1 Travel Adapter ($35) // Traveling to different countries can be difficult if you don’t have the right plug. This adapter set takes away that difficulty!

Black + Decker Power Drill* ($41) // Perfect for your dad or a boyfriend who wants to “dabble in home improvement”!

Google Home Mini ($29) // Just as good as the full size!

Coffee Table Book ($15-50) // Coffee table books are rad, and there are so many to choose from! This one from Urban Outfitters is perfect for anyone interested in counterculture!

Canvas & Leather Tablet Sleeve ($17) // Who says iPads can’t be classy?

Tie Bar Pocket Squares ($45) // Because pocket squares are the new statement tie!

Goodfellow Weekender Bag ($30) // This bag is wonderfully named since it is perfect for a weekend getaway!

Cocktail Kit ($45) // Who doesn’t want a cocktail kit, amirite?

Holiday Gift Guide For Men | Affordable gifts for men | Five Foot and Fabulous

Copper Globe ($75) // If the guy you’re buying for has an office, then he needs a globe. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Tie Bar Style Box ($99) // For the man who coordinates his suit accessories to his socks!

(Includes 3 ties, 2 socks, 3 pocket squares)

Cologne ($62) // It’s always nice to smell good.

Ted Baker Statement Dress Shirt* ($79.90) // Ted Baker is known for his beautiful prints, and this shirt is no exception to the rule!

Philip’s Rechargeable Electric Trimmer* ($50) // Because beards can’t trim themselves!

Pullover Sweater* ($59.50) // This comfy and cozy sweater from Nordstrom is perfect for cool winter days!

Soho Double Old Fashion Glasses ($80) // This set of 4 glasses is perfect for the dude who enjoys a nice, sophisticated drink after a long day at work!

Stackable Watch Case ($85) // If your man is a watch collector, then he needs this watch case!

Holiday Gift Guide For Men | Affordable gifts for men | Five Foot and Fabulous

Favorite Team Jersey* ($100) // I linked to the NFL football jerseys, but this obviously is a good gift for a fan of any sport!

MVMT Leather Strap Watch* ($120) // Simple and classy. What more do you need?

Rayban Sunglasses ($163) // Sure, it’s basically winter, but the sun shines all year round! (Well, in most places – sorry, Alaska).

Ugg Loafers ($100) // I included these on the women’s gift guide, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include them here as well!

Bose Headphones ($280 – now ON SALE at Target for $180!) // This deal at Target is INCREDIBLE, and you should DEFINITELY take advantage of it!

*Denotes a Dad-approved gift!

I hope this guide gave you a better idea of what you could get your husband /  boyfriend / dad / uncle / grandpa / etc. for the holidays! Happy shopping!

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39 Replies to “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Men At All Price Points”

  1. Omg bourbon and coffee?! That’s the perfect gift for my husband. May need to order it as a last minute stocking stuffer!

    1. Haha it’s definitely a great combo!

  2. I find men harder to buy for and then my husband’s birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas:( Great list.

    1. Oh gosh, that’s a bit stressful! Thanks for reading, Kim!

  3. Like the pocket squares, great gift idea!

  4. Definitely like the difference price points here! The guys are always soooo hard to buy for!

    xoxo A

    1. Yes they are! Thanks for reading!

  5. I love the different price points you have on here and the variety of options for the men in your life. I’m definitely interested in getting my fiancé a new drill since he has really taken on some home projects. Love your list here!

    1. Thanks Kara! A drill sounds like a perfect gift for him!

  6. So many awesome picks here! Men are always the hardest to shop for in my opinion.

  7. Men are the hardest people in the universe to shop for, but you’ve got some great picks!

    1. Ugh they are! But thanks, Alexis!!

  8. There are so many great choices here! The record coasters are so much fun. I would even want those for myself! I don’t usually buy clothes for people, but I am not above by a sweater for my boyfriend purely so I can steal it on occasion. Great round-up!

    1. I know – I like them too! And what’s the point of boyfriends having sweaters if you’re not able to steal them, right? Haha!

  9. Love those slippers! Great ideas!
    Xo Mindy

  10. Southern & Style says: Reply

    Those slippers look so cozy, my husband would go crazy over those!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. I def go crazy over mine! They are the coziest things in the world!

  11. Shaguna and Kaylee says: Reply

    I think I got my boyfriend a similar duffle bag last year!

    1. You can never go wrong with one of those I think!

  12. That sweater is definitely something my boyfriend would love! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Thanks for reading, Melissa!

  13. I love that weekend bag!

    1. Isn’t it awesome?

  14. LOVE all of these ideas! Guys are seriously so hard to shop for sometimes!

    1. Thanks Alex! They definitely are!

  15. I’d love the travel adapter.

    1. I would too! So handy for traveling to different countries!

  16. TBH I kind of want that bourbon infused coffee and the crystal tumblers for myself haha! These are great gift ideas!

    1. They are definitely great products!

  17. omg bourbon infused coffee?? need that for myself, plz and thank you

  18. saralaughedblog says: Reply

    I love that watch! Really sleek and classic.

    1. Yes it is! Thanks for reading!

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