How To Make A Good First Impression At Your Internship

How To Make A Good First Impression At An Internship | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

So you’ve found an internship, interviewed for it, gotten an offer, and arranged your housing. Congratulations are in order! Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for: your first day on the job. Your mind is probably a whirlwind right now!

What should I expect? Will my boss like me? Am I in way over my head? Will the food in the cafeteria be any good?

Okay, so maybe that last one doesn’t go through everybody’s head, but hey, it’s important stuff! Anyway, on the first day of my internship, I was just worried about giving off a good first impression. I wanted to show my supervisor that she made the right decision in hiring me.

Sadly, there’s no exact science to this. Some people are harder to please than others. Others aren’t that interested in getting to know their interns on a personal level. The only thing you can do is put your best foot forward and show them what you got! So without further ado, here are a few ways that you can make a good first impression at your internship!

How To Make A Good First Impression At An Internship | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

Make sure you have all the information you need before going in

Leading up to the first day of your internship, you should be in contact with the HR coordinator at your company. Ask them for information on dress code, what business hours are, what you should bring on the first day, and all that good stuff.

By knowing all the details before even starting, you’ll definitely impress your employer!

Dress for success!

Once you know the dress code, you’ll be able to decide what to wear on the first day. I’ll give you a hint: wear something that fits the dress code and makes you feel like a straight up badass at the same time.

If you can, try dressing to the aesthetic of the company. For instance, if you’re working at a finance firm, wear a power suit. However, if you’re working at Ralph Lauren, amp your prep level up a few notches. It won’t go unnoticed!

Get to know your supervisor and team you’ll be working with

I’m lucky enough to have an internship where my department is very open with each other, relatively young, and where everyone has similar interests. Every once in awhile, someone will bring up something pop culture related and work pauses for a few minutes while we all chime in our opinions. Just yesterday we were talking about the Queen and her fashion choices. The day before was all about Bella Thorne and Scott Disick dating.

I realize that not everyone works in an environment such as this, but there are still things you can do in order to get to know people better! Ask if anyone wants to get coffee with you, small talk during downtime, etc.

Ask questions!

Nothing says “mind overload” better than a first day at a new job. You’re getting introduced to everyone, having a tour of the place, learning the ins and outs of the company, and trying to process everything getting thrown at you. Your supervisor doesn’t expect you to get everything right off the bat. In fact, asking questions shows them that you listened and that you care. Showing that bit of initiative can really make a great first impression!

Do everything with a positive attitude

You will likely have to do things at your internship that don’t exactly thrill you to no end. That being said, you still have to do them, and it’s best to do so with a smile on your face. Not only will that show your supervisor that you’re willing to do the work, it will also portray you as a nice person to be around! (See point #3).

Those are my tips on how to make a fabulous first impression at a new internship (or any job really!). If any of you are starting new jobs soon, I wish you the best of luck! I also hope you found these tips helpful!

Do you have any tips on how to make a good first impression at a new job? Let me know in the comments!

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26 Replies to “How To Make A Good First Impression At Your Internship”

  1. Great tips!! I always tried to get to know my supervisors in my former internships as well and that definitely helps! Hope you’re enjoying your new internship!

    xoxo A

  2. I definitely think that asking questions and taking notes are both super important for the first day! I was so overwhelmed with all the new information that I had what felt like a million questions… I was scared to ask but I’m so glad I did!


    1. Same here Tori!

  3. Such great tips! Asking questions is always the way to go – it’s important to know what you’re doing from day 1 instead of letting it linger! Haha!

    1. Thanks Adriana!

  4. These are amazing tips! Asking questions can get you far into your internship.

  5. Volunteering to do more than your asked and making yourself indispensable is the best impression you can make! –hard work always reaps its rewards! xoRach ||

    1. So true Rachel!

  6. These are wonderful tips for making a positive impression at your internship. I think it is so important to maintain a positive attitude. A lot of times as an intern you will be asked to do some of the boring busy work in addition to learning the skills and working on the projects you’re really interested in. It’s best to make copies or stuff binders with a smile so that way your boss wants you to be in on that interesting meeting or help him/her with a cool project.

    1. So so true Jordyn!! Thanks for reading!

  7. So much yes to this! Especially asking questions and staying positive! Seriously, I’ve had a handful of interns over the years now and if they aren’t asking questions I pretty much know it’s not going to work out.

    1. That’s great to know since you’re coming from an employer perspective! Thanks for reading, Rachel!

  8. First days on the job can always be overwhelming and I think all of your points are so spot on!! I find that asking questions and taking the initiative to reach out to people can take you the extra mile! Great post 🙂
    xo, G

    1. Thanks Gabby!!

  9. Such good tips! I used to have a shirt that said ‘dress for success’ haha.


  10. I couldn’t agree with these points any more!!

    1. Thanks Sophia!

  11. Asking questions is a great tip! You never need to act or look like you know it all! No one ever does, so its good to ask!

  12. yes to all of these!! it can be tough starting a new internship but I feel like these all help so so much. & also they all apply to real jobs, too! x

    1. Thanks for reading Elly!

  13. Starting out in a new company can be intimidating, especially as an intern! But, these are all really great tips that I’ve used in each new setting over the years.

  14. Dressing for success is HUGE! Along with making sure your hair and makeup are nicely done – I’ve seen several interns come into my office who clearly didn’t bother to try and it puts such a sour taste in my mouth!

    1. Ugh that’s so annoying! I don’t know why anyone would show up to work not looking their best!

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