Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide | On Five Foot and Fabulous | Father's day gifts | Father's day gift ideas | dad gift ideas | fun gifts for dad | unique gifts for dad

Do you know what next Sunday is? I’ll give you a hint: look at the title! Now, I assume you’re a smart cookie and can put two and two together. Next Sunday is Father’s Day, meaning that it’s time to get thinking about what you’re going to get your dad (or other father figure)!

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s kind of very hard to shop for. The secret is that dads are happy with anything you give them (as long as it’s not gross or something).

Anyway, if you’re having trouble coming up with something to give your dad this Father’s Day, I’m here to rescue you. I’ve linked 12 great gift ideas that are fun, unique, and won’t break the bank!

Father's Day Gift Guide | On Five Foot and Fabulous | Father's day gifts | Father's day gift ideas | dad gift ideas | fun gifts for dad | unique gifts for dad

Bluetooth Tracking Tag – Does your dad have a knack for misplacing his keys? Tell him to worry no more, because this tag has a bluetooth connection with a phone app! Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose his phone at the same time…

Planisphere Watch ($65) – Okay, so this watch is super rad. It has constellations and a rotating screen so your dad can check the time in ~style~

Beer Jam ($30) – This Father’s Day gift already has one dad’s stamp of approval on it! I got these for my dad for his birthday and he loved them! Perfect for putting on sandwiches.

S’Well Water Bottle ($45) – “Stay hydrated, Dad!” is another way of saying “I love you, Dad!”

Whiskey Barrel Bowtie ($65) – Do you have a classy yet quirky dad who likes novelty ties? Well then this is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him!

Keg Mug ($34) – Next time your dad says, “I’m kind of thirsty,” bring him this mug and say “No, kind of thirsty, you’re Dad.” He won’t know what hit him.

Grillmaster BBQ Mutli-Tool ($62) – Dads are known for their bbq-ing skillz, so why not get him a tool that has all their barbecue needs in one package?

World’s Best Dad Travel Mug ($19) – This travel mug will have all the other dads in your dad’s office joke, “Hey Jim*, did you buy that mug yourself?”

*Insert your dad’s name here

Dress Shirt ($49.50) – You can never go wrong with a classic dress shirt!

Herschel Duffel Bag ($85) – If your dad travels a lot, then he will LOVE this duffel bag! It has a separate compartment for shoes so they don’t get anything else dirty. Genius.

Fitbit Charge 2 ($129.50) – This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad who wants to stay healthy and in shape!

F-Bomb Paperweight ($45) – Finally, this is the gift for the dad who loves a good pun. Also available in “A-Hole”

I hope this gift guide gives you a few more ideas! If you’re looking for more unique ideas, check out Uncommon Goods! I’m not sponsored by them, I just think they offer a lot of great product!

Do you know what you’re getting your dad for Father’s Day? Are you spending the day doing anything fun or special? Let me know in the comments!

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34 Replies to “Father’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Oh my gosh! I love that the beer comes in those mason jars with those labels! How fun! My grandaddy would enjoy something like that!

    1. It’s already got a dad stamp of approval! My dad loves it!

  2. What creative ideas! I am doing an experience gift for my dad this year but I like these ideas too!

    xoxo A

    1. That’s always a great idea!

  3. These are such great gift ideas!! I love all of your picks – definitely something for every dad on this list!

    1. Thank you Adriana!

  4. These are such cute ideas. I think everyone in my life needs a Bluetooth tag. Myself included. My dad loves cheesy “World’s Best Dad stuff. I like that you mentioned Uncommon Goods. That’s my favorite place to get unique gifts for my friends and family.

    1. Same about the bluetooth tag! And yeah I love Uncommon Goods!

  5. Awesome round up! My husband actually got his groomsmen wooden bow ties like the one you have!

  6. You are right! You can’t go wrong with a dress shirt. It is something they always need! Thanks for the ideas!

    xx, Melissa

    1. Thanks for reading Melissa!

  7. The Fitbit Charge 2 is so cool! I kinda wish I got that one instead of the new flex haha.


    1. I have the old flex but yeah the charge looks cool too!

  8. My dad is so difficult to buy for because he’s not a “things” person. He is the person who would prefer a gift card to a restaurant or a breakfast date to treat him. But I love these ideas because they’re also things anyone could appreciate like a watch or a cool gadget.

    1. My dad is the same way! I feel like that’s common for dads though haha

  9. My dad loves his fitbit! These are great idea!

    1. Thanks Sydney!

    1. Thanks Summer!

  10. Oh wow, such an incredible selection of super unique gifts! I’m sure any man would love something from that list

    1. Thanks Courtney! I hope so!

  11. Alissa Carpenter says: Reply

    LOVE these ideas and am a huge fan of the Swell water bottle. It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself and makes a great gift!

    1. Thanks Alissa!

  12. Loving this gift guide! A fit bit is perfect for any dude.

    1. Thanks Jenny!

  13. I’m with ya girl dads are LITERALLY THE MOST DIFFICULT TO SHOP FOR it is so frustrating! these are all such great picks. V intrigued by beer jam (?!)

    1. Haha it is very frustrating! And girl it is so good!

  14. So many great gifts here! I can never figure out what to get my dad haha.

    1. Thanks Carly! Hope you find something!

  15. Okay that Dad Keg Mug is way to cute! Such a perfect gift.

    1. Isn’t it? I love it!

  16. I’m a little late to the party, considering that Father’s Day is in 3 days, but thankfully my husband and I are actually on top of things this year and already purchased a gift for my dad. I even have a little surprise for my husband, who’ll be a first-time dad come July! Feeling pretty proud of myself – because this NEVER happens, ha!

    1. That’s awesome!!

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