Denim Shopping Guide for Petites


Denim shopping is kind of a double-edged sword for me every year. During the colder months, I practically live in jeans. They’re super versatile, they can be dressed up or down, and they’re always on trend. Once you find a pair or two of jeans that you love, everything is great.The only problem? The process of finding your denim soul mates. Are you more of a skinny leg or boot cut gal? Should you be shopping the petite or regular sections? To go distressed or not to go distressed? Those are the questions. In an effort to help out a bit, I put together a comprehensive list of all my favorite brands of jeans, plus a guide of where to go to get the fit and/or price that you want!

My Favorite Jeans

It’s no secret that I like my jeans high waisted, dark washed, and skinny. That being said, I don’t have to shop solely in the petite department if I want some new denim. If the jeans I like are a few inches too long, I can easily cuff them up and go on my way. However, I have been known to get ecstatic when I find a pair of jeans that come in short lengths. There are definitely a few brands that I really look for when I’m on the hunt for new denim.

Jessica Simpson

American Eagle


Old Navy

Forever 21

Skinny Jeans

Thank goodness for the skinny jean. In my opinion, they’re miracle workers. They elongate shorter legs, make the illusion of curves if you don’t have any, and they pair well with any shoe!

>>Shop Skinny Jeans<<

Skinny Jeans

Old Navy Women’s Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Forever 21 Mid-Rise Clean Wash Skinny Jeans

New Look Petite 28in Blue Faded Fray Hem Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

When boyfriend jeans first became popular this year, I was a little wary of trying them because I thought they were just going to look huge and baggy on me. I was afraid that my petite frame would be swimming in them. Then, I took a chance one day and I fell in love! They look great on petite girls! Sure, a cuff or two might be necessary, but that’s a small price to pay to finally be able to wear trendy jeans!

>>Shop Boyfriend Jeans<<

Boyfriend Jeans

H&M Boyfriend Low Jeans

Topshop Moto ‘Hayden’ Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (via Nordstrom)

Mossimo Boyfriend Crop Jean

Flared Jeans

If you want to rock the flared cut, then go for it, girl! It’s a great way to follow the 1970’s trend, but be aware that flare jeans can make your legs appear short. As a petite girl, if I ever wear flared jeans, I make sure to wear heeled shoes to offset that affect.

>>Shop Flared Jeans<<

Flare Jeans

Gap 1969 Long & Lean Jeans (30″ Inseam)

New Look Petite Navy Flare Jeans

ASOS Petite Bell Flare Jeans

Colored Jeans

I love a good colored jean, especially for fall. They’re a great way to add statement to an outfit! My favorite denim colors this season include black, sage green, and marsala.

>>Shop Colored Jeans<<

Colored Jeans

Great Low Budget Jeans

If a pair of jeans is more than $75, it’s quite likely that I’ll put them back on the rack and walk away. I just don’t have the money to justify spending a ton of money on denim that might only last me a couple of years. For all of you in the same boat, here are a few great brands that won’t make your wallet cry.

Forever 21



And there you have it – a quick guide on denim shopping for all my petite sisters! I hope this helps some of you on your denim buying adventures.

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