Chasing Waterfalls

The best part of being in the mountains is seeing all the beautiful scenery. There’s a place about 15 minutes away from town called Dry Falls and it is gorgeous! After a short walk, you can actually go behind the waterfall. It was the perfect place for a photo-op! The best time to go is pretty early in the morning because there was hardly anyone else around. It’s kind of a big tourist attraction, so by the time we were done there, the parking lot was quickly filling up.

My waterfall exploring look is an abstract patterned blouse paired with dark skinny jeans and my hat to finish it all off. Wearing closed toed shoes is an absolute must because of the uneven terrain. I was wearing my Keds, but I almost would have rather been wearing a pair of tennis shoes because of their better grip. For accessories, I decided that a small stack of gold bangles would be perfect.

What I’m Wearing

Blouse: via Target

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Keds

Bracelets: Lauren Conrad

Hat: New Look

IMG_8005 IMG_8017 IMG_8020 IMG_8024 IMG_8033 IMG_8040 IMG_8046 IMG_8052 IMG_8059 IMG_8061 IMG_8065 IMG_8074 IMG_8095

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