8 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Boyfriends

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Boyfriends | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

Valentine’s Day is in just over a week, and I’m single yet again. Some may expect me to be a bit bummed that I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, but I’m actually happy. Why? Because cats exist.

You see, I’m actually a crazy cat lady in training. I feel like I can’t call myself a full fledged cat lady until I’m at least 40. Perhaps a bit older, it’s been awhile since I’ve read the crazy cat lady training handbook. All I know is that if there is a cat around, I will devote all my attention to it. I’m also a huge fan of cat merchandise like this super rad dress! I’ve styled it on the blog before, but I felt it was necessary to share it again for Valentine’s Day. If any of my readers are substituting a boyfriend for a cat, this post is for you because I’m going to explain all the reasons why cats are better than dudes.

They don’t make a lot of noise

Apart from the occasional meow, cats are very quiet creatures. You can’t expect this behavior from a dude, as they are typically quite loud.

They will always let you pick the show/movie

Want to watch Gilmore Girls for the fourth time this week? Cats don’t care! They’ll just snuggle up beside you and happily watch whatever is on.

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Boyfriends | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

Cat paws.

‘Nuff said.

Cats never judge you

You could be lazing around in sweats without any makeup and your cat will still look at you lovingly. You could be crying over the Titanic (again) and your cat will comfort you. Cats rule, boys drool.

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Boyfriends | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

They are ALWAYS cute

Their paws, their whiskers, their nose, their tail…OMG. Not to mention the way they chase around the laser and rub against your legs and literally everything else they do!

Their purrs are therapeutic

Fact: Cat purrs are not only relaxing, but also healing. There’s a certain vibration or decimal they purr at that can soothe headaches and other ailments. Boys tend to just cause the headache in the first place.

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Boyfriends | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

They always want to help you with whatever you’re doing

Even though this might end up being counterproductive, they still want to help you in your daily activities! Are you making the bed? They’ll stand on the sheets for you to keep them in place! Folding laundry? They’ll keep the clothes in the laundry basket warm. Writing a blog post? They’ll walk on your keyboard to add their own addition! Cats are just so dang helpful.

At the end of the day, they will always make you happy

Boys are frustrating, cats are not. The end.

8 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Boyfriends | Only on Five Foot and Fabulous

Dress Eric + Lani (via Forever 21) // Turtleneck Merona // Shoes Merona

Mossimo // Earrings via Target // Belt Diesel

Do you agree that cats are better than boyfriends? Let me know in the comments!

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28 Replies to “8 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Boyfriends”

  1. LOVE this!!! 😻

  2. I’ll admit I’m not a cat person but this post made me smile (:

    1. That’s the goal, Sara!

  3. What a fun dress for you! Like Sara, I’m not much of a cat person but this dress is so cute.

    1. To each their own, girl! Thanks for reading!

  4. AHHH I love that dress so much!! Cats are so much better than boyfriends too <3 Cats are pretty awesome.

    1. Aww, thanks girl! And you’re right, cats are awesome!

  5. Very funny post. I have definitely felt judged by a cat though haha

  6. So cute! All of this is so true! I love your dress.

  7. My family cat lived to be 21. I especially miss her on holidays!

  8. This is too cute! My husband is allergic to cats or else I’d totally have one!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    1. Ugh, that’s too bad!

  9. really love this blog post- made me laugh!!


  10. HAha your dress is AMAZING!! I am obsessed!!! and this post is so funny! I miss having a cat <3

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. Lol thank you Rachel!

  11. I do have a boyfriend but I have to admit that this post made me laugh!

    1. Haha glad it made you laugh!

  12. I LOVE your dress. I know someone who would totally agree with this post and love your dress!

    1. Thanks Victoria!

  13. What a fun dress! I have a few friends who would 100% agree

    1. Haha thank you Sydney!

    1. Thank you Rachel!

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