Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

As many of you know, Nordstrom is starting their Anniversary Sale on July 17th, but it’s currently open for those with a credit or debit card. Seeing as I don’t have either, I have to wait until Friday to buy anything, but that doesn’t stop me from looking. There are so many amazing brands with […]

OOTD for May 6 – XOXO

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don’t have any finals to take today, so I’m taking a well-deserved break. By break, I actually mean laundry, packing, and other last minute to-dos before I leave campus for the summer. It’s crazy how much stuff you can fit into a dorm room. My parents came up last weekend to […]

Met Gala Favorites

So as a fashion blogger, I think it would be a crime against the industry if I didn’t make a post about the beautiful celebrities that attended the Met Gala last night. To get you acquainted with everything, the theme of the night was “China: Through the Looking Glass”, and so everyone had gorgeous, intricate […]

Trend Release Party Update

Hey guys! So I just got back from a wonderful release party celebrating the 18th issue of Trend Magazine! For more information about it, go to my last post! There was an amazing turn out, and everyone looked fabulous! I went with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. I would’ve dragged my own along, but he […]