10 Tips and Tricks for Blogging

I’ve been a blogger for almost 2 years (!!) now, so it’s safe to say I’ve creeped on approximately 5 million other blogs. Many bloggers gave me inspiration on how to become a better blogger and I still fangirl over some. Basically what I’m saying is, I am not an expert on blogging and I will never claim to be one. However, after these couple years of blogging, I gradually picked up some tips and tricks when it comes to starting and maintaining a blog!

10 Tips and Tricks for Blogging

1. Purchase a domain name

Purchasing a domain name is arguably one of the most important things when it comes to blogging. Both readers and brands take a blog more seriously when they have a “.com” versus a “.wordpress” or “.blogspot”. I know it can get kind of expensive, but believe me when I say it totally pays back in the long run!

2. Keep branding consistent

This applys to everything from your blog header to your Pinterest graphics. Unless you go through a complete and total rebrand, you want to make sure that you’re not changing your logos and graphics that often. Using Pinterest as an example, keep the format consistent on all graphics. That way, if someone sees it, they will associate it with your blog and other posts you have written.

3. Change your social media handles

You can do one of two things: Create new social media accounts for your blog or change your handles of your existing accounts to reflect your blog. There are pros and cons to both of these methods, but do whatever feels right to you. Personally, I changed my social media handles of my existing accounts because blogging is so much of my life and it would be a lot of work to maintain multiple accounts. As long as we’re talking social media, make sure to create a Facebook page for your blog!

4. Share, share, share!

You made a thing! Why wouldn’t you want to share it with everyone in the world? Utilize social media and word of mouth to get your blog out in the open! Share your blog posts at a couple points throughout the day to ensure maximum exposure. As long as you’re sharing your posts, share other blogs’ posts as well. People like knowing their work is liked and appreciated!

5. Never lose your voice

I write my posts in a casual tone, as if I were having a conversation with my readers. I feel very comfortable writing this way, but some people like to keep it more formal. Find your favorite voice and stick with it! Don’t try writing in a different way just to appeal to a mass audience, it will feel forced.

6. Create relationships with other bloggers

Reach out to bloggers you love. Leave genuine comments on other bloggers’ posts. Join blogging networks. Create relationships and make connections with your favorite people in the blogosphere. These people will be some of your best resources and biggest fans when you’re looking to grow your blog!

7. Plan posts ahead

Plan, plan, plan! Sometimes I’m bad at this, but I try to always think at least one blog post ahead. That way if I get busy, I don’t have to stress about writing a last-minute post. An even better way to go about this is to create an editorial calendar where you plan out your posts at least a couple weeks in advance. You can also use these to create a theme for every day you post: Mondays are for outfits, Wednesday’s are for product reviews, etc.

8. Treat your blog as a business

I consider blogging to be a full-time job. I dedicate a lot of my free time to making it the best blog it can be. I feel like I’m constantly writing posts, sharing them on social media, and reading other people’s blogs! Basically what I’m saying is that you can’t just put half your heart into it. Be dedicated!

9. Don’t work for free

You might have read my big rant of a blog post about how bloggers shouldn’t work for free. Summer from Coffee With Summer also wrote a great one! I mentioned that you should treat your blog as a business, so why would you work for free? Don’t give into brands when they say they’ll pay you with “social sharing.” Can you pay rent with Facebook likes? Nope! Stand your ground, you deserve compensation!

10. Above all else, enjoy it

Even though it’s a lot of work, blogging is totally worth it. I enjoy every moment of it, and that is so important! If it’s getting too stressful for you, it’s okay to take a step back and take a hiatus. Do whatever you need to do to make it enjoyable.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to share when it comes to blogging? Let me know in the comments!

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34 Replies to “10 Tips and Tricks for Blogging”

  1. This article is 100% YESSS! So wise, Anna! Thank you for including my post, as well! Bloggers need to stick up for themselves in a proper way. We can bridge the gap! <3

    1. No problem Summer! You wrote a great post!

  2. These are awesome tips to help you keep going and succeed! Amazing you’ve been blogging for 2 years!

    1. Thanks Sydney! It’s weird to think about!

  3. Yes to all of this, Anna! Being a blogger is so rewarding and I’m so glad I found this amazing community.

    1. So true Jenny! Me too!

  4. I love Summer’s post that you reference here! these are all fabulous tips which I have totally found to be true too!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  5. Yes to purchasing a domain name and keeping social media handles consistent!! I just recently changed my Twitter handle so it’s the name as everything else- lol!

    xoxo A

    1. Haha yay! Thanks for reading Annaliese!

  6. I love how you said that Facebook likes doesn’t pay rent. So true!!

    Caitlyn | http://www.collegewithcaitlyn.com

    1. Haha thanks Caitlyn!

  7. Great post! So true that “social sharing” just doesn’t pay the bills.

  8. So many great tips!! Wish more bloggers would listen about working for free! Unfortunately shoes and watches don’t pay the bills lol

    1. Thank you Alex! So true!

  9. This is such a great post!! Lots of great stuff here 🙂


    1. Thank you Maggie!

  10. These are all such fabulous tips that I definitely live by as a blogger!

    xo Ashley

  11. Happy blog birthday Anna! I love all of your tips. I agree blogging is hard work but its so fun and I just love doing it.

    1. Thanks Bella! Same here!

  12. Absolutely do NOT work for free! This is one of my biggest pet peeves and something I preach ALL the time…working for free helps no one but the company. It *hurts* you (and you still have to pay taxes on products!), and it hurts other bloggers who refuse to work for free by reinforcing negative practices in the industry. Just don’t do it!

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Great advice Erica!

  13. These are some great tips! I need to update some of my pinterest boards so that they define me and my brand better.

  14. I absolutely love these tips! I’m really trying to make my blog a business! I have definitely started blogging consistently to move in the right direction with that!

    1. Thanks Kate! Good luck with everything!

  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Glad you liked them!

  16. As a newbie blogger, I can’t tell you how helpful this tips are! I love the tip to keep your voice. I think it is far too easy to adopt a voice that you think will brand well, but in reality, our voice is one of the greatest ways to brand our blogs. Thanks again Anna! 🙂
    Hopefully my blog will be as amazing as yours one day. XOXO

    1. Aww, thanks Allie! Best wishes to you 🙂

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