5 Common Blogging Misconceptions Debunked

5 Common Blogging Misconceptions Debunked! - Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Throughout my (almost) 2 years of blogging, I’ve experienced a lot. I learned how to successfully utilize social media, I made connections with other bloggers, and I learned a lot about myself. Throughout these two years, I’ve seen and heard many false stereotypes about the blogosphere. Some niches seem even more attacked than others! Anyway, after seeing quite a few blogging misconceptions, I feel like I should address them!5 Common Blogging Misconceptions Debunked! - Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

Blogging is an online diary

One of the most common blogging misconceptions is that blogs are primarily an online diary. While this may be true of the blogs we start as 12 year olds, online diaries are actually a very small fraction of the blogosphere. Blogs can be intellectual, helpful, or a creative outlet amongst many other things. Sure, everyone publishes a personal post here and there, but that doesn’t peg a blog as a diary.

Bloggers are narcissistic

I remember one time I told somebody that I had a blog and they joked that I must be narcissistic. I don’t know how you would’ve reacted, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. Just because I have a tiny corner of the internet where I express myself doesn’t mean I’m self-absorbed. Everyone has some sort of online presence, so bloggers shouldn’t be singled out.

You can’t make a living off running a blog

Boy, this is so wrong! There are tons of bloggers who make their income off sponsored posts, advertising, and affiliate networks. Although one can’t make a significant income overnight, it is possible to build your blog and audience to the point where you can start seeing the money coming in.

Sponsored posts are glorified advertisements

Another huge blogging misconception is that all sponsored posts are just advertisements or sell-outs. I don’t know about you, but if I receive a product that I’m not a huge fan of, I’m not going to lie about it. Everything that gets published on my blog is my 100% truth. Some companies may prefer a positive review, not everything deserves one. We also don’t accept every sponsored post that comes our way, especially if our views don’t align with the company.

Blogging is a solitary activity

I cannot express how important networking is when it comes to blogging. Part of becoming a successful blogger includes reaching out to other bloggers, commenting on other blog posts, and following people on social media. There are also conventions and networking events in large cities where bloggers can meet each other in person!

These are the top 5 blogging misconceptions I see most often, but there are a lot more that are more niche-specific. Was there a glaring one that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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28 Replies to “5 Common Blogging Misconceptions Debunked”

  1. loving all of these! people always give me that funny side eye when I tell them I blog + vlog but anyone who i know IRL and actually visits my site ends up being pleasently surprised!

    1. Yes! I know that funny side eye too well!

  2. great post and so true! I hate when people act like I just “LOVEEEE” to be online all the time. Like, dang man, I’m human too! lol. Love what you said about sponsored content. I am so picky about what brands I’ll even work with on that type of content.

    1. So true Tianna! Thanks for reading!

  3. These are all so true! I love this entirely! I always hear that blogging won’t get you any money but I know that it definitely can and will!

  4. Its crazy to me that some people still think that you cant make a living off blogging! Ive been doing it for a while and so have so many others!

    1. Right? It’s totally possible!

  5. YAS to all of these, Anna! Sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Summer!

  6. YASSS Girl! Preach! I can’t even tell you how many of these I’ve heard (let alone how many times haha)

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. Same here girl! Thanks for reading Rachel!

  7. oooh that critique of sponsored posts makes me so annoyed every time. Most people I know put just as much as (if not more) effort into their sponsored posts as their regular, and only give their honest opinion! such a huge misconception I’m glad you pointed it out x

  8. All of these are too true! Sponsored content IS NOT a glorified advertisement for a brand.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

    1. Thanks for reading Alix!

  9. I love blogging. It let’s me write about something that I love, and spread the word about products that I love or don’t love so much.

  10. PREACH SISTA!!! Blogging has been the greatest blessing in my life…like anything in life, people judge what they don’t understand. I learned to not take anything personally, they just don’t know me or what my blog is really about yet. Stay strong blogonistas!! xoxo

    1. Yasss, you go girl!

  11. Great topic! I have met so many people through my blogging and social media. Last week I went to an Insta meet. I called a guy that lives close (that I never met) and asked him to drive with me. I met so many new people that all love the same things. It was such a great experience.

    1. That’s so awesome Bella!

  12. Yes Yes Yes. I hate when people assume that bloggers are just materialistic and self-centered- ugh!! Great myth de-bunking here 😉

    xoxo A

    1. That’s the worst one I think! Thanks Annaliese!

  13. These are so great, I love the sponsored post one, it’s really great! Also I’m so not narcissistic, I started my blog to help others!
    Ashley |http://ablondeandabriefcase.com

    1. Thank you Ashley! And yes, same here!

  14. Great post! I started blogging as a creative outlet originally but I was always so embarrassed to tell people I blogged. Now that I’ve tried to explain a few of these things to them, a lot of my friends see it a lot differently!

    1. I’ve seen the same thing happen!

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