August Instagram Roundup

It’s that time again: Monthly Instagram Roundup!

I was going to post this earlier, but I decided to forego a Labor Day post because I just wasn’t feeling it, you know? As you may have read in my Monthly Musings for August, I had kind of an emotionally taxing month, and that extended a bit into Labor Day Weekend. Luckily, by the time Sunday evening rolled around, my stress level was seriously depleted!

August was also an unusual month in that I didn’t actively try to post a photo every single day, and friends, was that a relief! I used to be so obsessed with posting every 24 hours, but now I don’t sweat it. Why post a mediocre picture that I’m not super proud of when I could just wait to post a good one?

Anyway, here we are in the middle of September talking about August’s Instagram posts. Better late than never, am I right? Without further ado, here are my favorite photos from last month!


Have you found an Instagram method that works for you? Let me know in the comments!

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29 Replies to “August Instagram Roundup”

  1. Loved all of your pictures and I definitely think it’s important to rest and try not to force your feed and be genuine with your posts, love it!

  2. Just followed you! Your account is so cute 🙂 I am @simplynatters on IG

    1. Thanks for the follow girl!

  3. What a lovely roundup! Such pretty pictures. I’m glad you got your stress levels down. That’s always a relief.

    1. Thank you Tiffany!

  4. ahhh i loveee that donut pin!!! Happy you got the stress levels down 🙂 <3

  5. We also shifted away from posting an Instagram pic everyday. It seems like I’m reading more and more bloggers who are getting fed up with the Instagram game, so I’m hoping it will go back to being a place of realistic inspiration and not a source of stress!

  6. Love the fashionista at work sign!

  7. I love all your looks girl!! Completely working those looks!!! Hope this month is better for you!

  8. I love that embroidered jean skirt! I don’t have an Instagram strategy at all hahah I post when I want and what I want!


    1. Haha that’s a great strategy!

  9. ohhh…I like adding embeded insta posts. I will have to try that. Your kitty is adorable.

    1. Thank you Bella!

  10. Such a great roundup- your kitty is so pretty!

  11. I think I have! Great roundup.

  12. Love this roundup! Adding the embedded posts is so smart. And I am loving that embroidered denim skirt!

    xoxo, Paige

  13. You have such cute accessories in all these pictures! I love the one with all the stars!

    1. Thanks Laura! It’s from Happiness Boutique!

  14. Oh my gosh I love your photos! You have such a unique vibe and sense of style

    1. Thanks Courtney!

    2. Thank you Courtney!

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