A College Girl’s Guide to Success: Clubs & Organizations

Hey everyone! I hope finals went well for you all (and if you still have some to take, I wish you the best of luck!). Today, I’m bringing you the third part in my College Girl’s Guide to Success series! This week, I’m telling you all about why you should join clubs and organizations on campus and how to balance them with the rest of your crazy schedule!

The College Girl's Guide To Success: Clubs & Organizations

Why You Should Join Clubs And Organizations

Joining clubs is one of the best parts of college! It’s a way to meet people who share your interests, to build your resume, and to just have fun! My school is home to over 800 clubs and organizations, and while that’s more than the typical college has, there should still be plenty of opportunities for you to find an organization that fits your interests.

I’m involved in two different organizations: An on campus fashion magazine and an annual fashion show. These two activities allow me to connect more with the people in my major, gain valuable experience in the apparel industry, and to achieve leadership experience to put on my resume. Every little bit counts!

How Many Clubs Should You Join?

Well, ultimately that is up to you and how much you think you can handle. The magic number that seems to work for a ton of people is two. Many choose to make one major-related and the other something else that appeals to them and lets them broaden their horizons. For instance, a very good friend of mine is involved in the same fashion magazine as I am, but she’s also a member of the archery club. These are two completely different things, but she enjoys both of them!

I would not advise joining more than three for sure. Clubs take up more time than you might think. All of a sudden you have a ton of different meetings to go to on different nights, not to mention extra activities related to these clubs and then you don’t have any time for yourself!

After You Join

So now that you’ve joined a club or two, you need to commit to them. Go to every single meeting that you possibly can, including the optional ones. That will show your club’s directors that you are a loyal member who would be a good candidate for a leadership position. Believe me, they notice.

In order to do this, you’re going to need your clear your schedule for when your clubs meet. I make sure that I have nothing else planned for Tuesdays from 8 to 9 and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 because that’s when I am 100% committed to my clubs. I let my workplace know that I am completely unable to work during those times, and I also won’t make plans with friends during those time slots either.

Club directors that I’ve had say that some of the most important things they take into account while they’re deciding who gets leadership positions are attendance and participation because they both show a real drive. As long as you do both of these, you should be a wonderful candidate for anything you apply for.

And here concludes part three! Tune in next week for the fourth installment of this series!

What clubs are you involved in? Comment below!

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  1. I love this! I’m in college and think that clubs are a super helpful way to make friends and keep yourself busy. xx, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com

    1. Thanks Kenz! You’re right, they definitely keep me busy!

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