8 Back To College Accessories You Need This Fall

8 Back to College Accessories You Need this School Year | back to school | back to university | accessories | backpacks | back to school essentials | Five Foot and Fabulous | college must haves

T-minus one week until most college classes begin! I, for one, love this time of year! Walking around those school supply aisles at Target gives you a sort of high, don’t you think? No? Just me? Okay…

But seriously though, this is the time of year where you assess all your existing school supplies. Do you need to make any upgrades? Do you need anything specific this year that you didn’t last year? These are the important questions!

Instead of focusing on the boring stuff like printer paper or notecards, I’m helping you with the accessories you need every day at college. Behold: All the back to college accessories you need this fall that you can tailor to your own personality, because not every professor likes assignments turned in on hot pink paper.

8 Back to College Accessories You Need this School Year | back to school | back to university | accessories | backpacks | back to school essentials | Five Foot and Fabulous | college must haves

Kate Spade Agenda // Urbanista Headphones // Topshop Cap

 Ban.Do Travel Mug // Rebecca Minkoff Watch // S’Well Water Bottle

North Face Backpack // Ju-Ju-Be Lunch Bag


Embrace your inner Leslie Knope this fall! I dedicate my good GPA to an organized planner. The best thing is that the agenda industry is super saturated, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. Home Goods alone has like 5 different types of agendas with a billion different cover styles so you can align it to your personal aesthetic. Target also has many options for a low price, so you don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t want to!

Other great planner options include: Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Ban.Do


Backpacks are the the #1 back to college accessory you need this fall. Some people prefer tote bags, but I am a backpack person through and through. I know that the tote bag people say that they’re more fashionable, but you can still find a lot of great stylish options in the backpack department! Plus, there’s more pockets in a backpack and pockets are the best thing since sliced bread.


Nothing says, “I am a mature adult” better than a watch, which is probably why I forget to wear mine all the time. Ignoring that small tidbit about myself, a watch can be a huge help during your college career. Sure, we all have our smart phones and our fancy fitness trackers that tell us the time, but you can’t really use those during an exam. And believe me when I say, not all classrooms have wall clocks. Annoying, but true!

Earbuds & Headphones

Yep, two completely different things! You’re going to want a pair of earbuds for your daily college routine, but those noise canceling headphones are perfect for home use or studying at the library.

A good affordable option is the Skullcandy Jib Earbud – it has good sound, it comes in a variety of colors, and they’re only $10!

Baseball Cap (for all those bad hair days)

Because, believe me, there will be bad hair days.

Water Bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated! You’ll want to bring your water bottle with you everywhere you go, because no matter what time of the year it is, you will have one absurdly hot classroom that will leave you sweating. Trust me, I know.

My favorite water bottle lately has been the Brita water filtering bottle. It holds 32 oz of water, and you can fill it up wherever you are because it has a built in filter! Definitely nice for those sketchy fountains in old campus buildings.

Coffee Thermos

Coffee (or tea, whatever floats your boat) thermoses are perfect for those days where you’re running slightly behind schedule. Perhaps you have an 8AM class and you don’t want to wake up early enough to sit and drink your coffee. Perhaps you have a midterm that you’re studying for all night at the library. Whatever the case, you’re going to want a portable caffeine holder!

Lunch Box

This isn’t so much of a necessity as it is a nice thing to have. If you’re an older student who didn’t get a meal plan (read: me), it could be nice to carry your lunch with you so you won’t have to pay ridiculous prices at dining centers out of pocket!

I hope this list was helpful in gathering your back to college accessory essentials! Obviously you still need to get all your class supplies + any dorm or apartment decor, but at least you’ll be walking to class in style!

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8 Back to College Accessories You Need this School Year | back to school | back to university | accessories | backpacks | back to school essentials | Five Foot and Fabulous | college must haves

What are your back to college essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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38 Replies to “8 Back To College Accessories You Need This Fall”

  1. a planner is so important!
    xo, hannah

  2. I was always a backpack person in college too.

    1. They just make more sense!

  3. Great accessory list for anyone heading back to school! Wonderful post!

  4. That mexican blanket lunch box is so darn cute! love the travel mug too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Christine!

  5. I saw a similar bottle at Typo and I’ve been wanting to get it!! Those headphones are gorgeous!

    1. Aren’t they beautiful??

  6. All great ideas! Headphones and a good planner were always key for me!

    1. Same girl same! Thanks for reading!

  7. a water bottle is super important to me! I think when you’re so busy, you gotta remember to hydrate, it’ll keep you going through the day <3

    1. I so agree! Thanks for reading!

  8. I could not live without my travel mug, water bottle, or bluetooth earbuds. They’re seriously the best things ever!

  9. Such great back to school picks!

  10. Love your essentials! A backpack, water bottle and planner were always top on my list!

    1. Thanks Cameron!

  11. I will never understand those people who take those cute little handbags to class. Like how do they fit all of their books, food etc in it? Backpacks all the way.
    I bought a takeaway coffee cup last term and it is the best thing ever. Buying coffee all the time is waay too expensive.

    1. Lol it beats me! And yes – coffee mugs ARE the best!

  12. these are accessories that are needed! Especially planner!

    1. Planners are life savers!

  13. A planner is a must! Even though I’m not in college anymore, I get excited about the upcoming school year because of all the office supplies that come out. I can’t wait to invest in a new planner soon.

    1. Planners are def the best!

  14. A planner and a watch is a must have for me! nothing drives me crazy like not knowing what time it is!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    1. Haha I feel the same way!

  15. I’m not even going back to college and I want all of your picks!!


    1. Haha I get what you mean!

  16. Absolutely love that watch! So beautiful and classy.

    Tori || Victori Media

  17. My planner is always a must! Even though I graduated I still think it’s an essential!

    The Classic Brunette

    1. It’s so useful!

  18. That water bottle is a great idea! So nice to have cold water all day when you have a bunch of back to back classes!

    1. It definitely is!

  19. What a fun list! I was definitely a minimst through college, I never cared about a planner or headphones or crazy water bottles! I definitely always had to have a great backpack though!

    1. Great backpacks are a must have

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