2017 Year In Review + 2018 Mantras

Well, friends, if you’re reading this, it means we made it through 2017! It’s been a year filled with both ups and downs, but I’m pretty sure I came out ahead!

My 2016 recap was more of an acknowledgment of the then-new political climate. No need to worry – this recap won’t mention NEAR as much politics. Just this: Even though some disappointing bills are being passed, more progressive candidates are being elected into state office, meaning that there’s more hope for the midterms this year! Hooray!

Anyway – onto things that more directly relate to my life + the blog. As I said, 2017 has pretty much been a rollercoaster of a year. Let’s just break it down month to month, shall we?


January: Honestly, not that much happened that I can remember this month. I started the penultimate semester of my college career (which I didn’t realize until a few months later). I got into reading more and finished two books – another small victory! I also started planning more for the big fashion show my university alma mater puts on every year! Otherwise, I binged a couple shows and worked my part-time job. No biggie!

February: My birth-month! I turned 21 on February 10th! My parents gave me a new DSLR for my birthday, which was definitely needed since the DSLR I was using was manufactured around 10 years ago. It’s still a good camera, but the quality of the pictures is not as high as I would like! I also continued fashion show planning and internship applications. ‘Twas quite a busy month!

One of my co-directors and I for The Fashion Show at a volunteer event!

March: Stress on stress on stress on stress! This month was filled with event planning for the fashion show, more internship applications, work, and school. Regarding the fashion show, my committee held our first event where people were able to meet and greet the judges for the 2017 show. My fellow co-directors and committee members worked really hard on it, and we were so glad to see it succeed!

April: Finally, my stress was relieved! Not only did the fantastic team of producers, directors, and committees put on an AMAZING fashion show, but I also finally found an internship! It was such a relief since I had been applying since OCTOBER. So if you’re currently trying to get an internship, don’t give up yet – there is still so much time! This month was also when I decided to graduate a semester early from college, meaning I only had one more semester left! Yikes!

My best friend and I at a Fashion Show-related event!

May: Okay, so May was pretty rad! I finished my penultimate semester and I started my internship in Chicagoland! I got my first taste of 9-5 corporate life, and I gotta say – I loved it. My internship also made me realize exactly what I wanted to do after college, and that felt so awesome! I also got to visit the city for the first time in quite a few years, and ticked off a lot of the tourist attractions: The Bean, John Hancock tower, and Michigan Avenue! I also got to see the houses and neighborhoods they film Shameless in. So cool!

June: Admittedly not the most eventful month! I interned during the week, and I spent the weekends wandering around the mall and seeing movies at the theater. My mom and niece visited one weekend, and I got to take them around the city, which was SO fun! It was my niece’s first time in Chicago, so she loved it!

My niece and I at Navy Pier in Chicago!

July: The last month, or week, rather, of my internship! I am so thankful for the opportunity to get more experience and work at an awesome company. The first weekend of the month, my parents visited and we went back to the city! My dad hadn’t seen The Bean before, and my parents also wanted to try out the Tilt at John Hancock. We also took a pretty cool walking tour about gangsters! A couple weeks later, we went on a family vacation to my uncle’s house in the North Carolina mountains. It’s a beautiful area, and I always love going to visit. A highlight of the trip: getting to go to Dollywood on the way home! Such a fun park!

August: I started my last semester of school EVER! I also quit my part-time job to focus on school and blogging, and I dyed my hair back to brown. I loved red, but it was time to return to my roots. Get it? Hair pun.

September: Another uneventful month! I worked on school and the blog, and started stressing a bit more about post-grad plans. The best thing this month was going to Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery. Believe it or not, it was actually for a homework assignment! Tip: if your school offers a wine tasting class, definitely take it!

The bar at Cedar Ridge Winery

October: I would consider this month to be a transitional one. I got a new job lead (more on that later), spent a couple of weekends in my hometown, and cut down the posting schedule for Five Foot and Fabulous. Sure, that’s not the definition of super exciting, but I really enjoyed this month!

November: This is where the excitement starts again! At the beginning of the month, I read my monthly horoscope from Vice, and it told me that something good will happen for my career on November 7th. Fast forward to that date, and I had a successful job interview at my internship company! A few hours after, I was offered the job! I kid you not, my horoscope predicted that. Never underestimate the power of astrology! My mom and I headed to Chicagoland over Thanksgiving break to find myself an apartment. As far as the holiday goes, it was a quiet day at home with family – just the way I like it!

December: Oh boy, was this month a whirlwind! Not only did I GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE, but I also moved to my new apartment! It’s crazy how fast the transition was from student to full-fledged adult, but here I am!

Graduation Day Style | Five Foot and Fabulous | 10 graduation dresses | winter graduation

Mantra for 2018: Stay positive!

Although 2017 did have many highs, I also had quite a bit of anxiety surrounding certain parts of my life. I’ve always been a bit of a worrier, but it elevated in 2017 for some reason. This year, I want to think more positively and stay more grounded. I’m not sure how easy this will be for me, but I’m definitely hopeful!

Hope you all had a wonderful 2017, and I wish you the best 2018! Thank you always for reading!

What were your highlights of 2017? Do you have any mantras or resolutions for 2018? Let me know in the comments!

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28 Replies to “2017 Year In Review + 2018 Mantras”

  1. So excited to start a new year! One of the mantras I’ll be focusing on this year is, “Perfection is an allusion that I will not chase.”


    1. Love that mantra!

  2. Looks like your 2017 was really eventful! Great Mantra for 2018 – happy new year!

    1. It definitely was! Happy new year to you too!

  3. Nicole of What Nicole Wore says: Reply

    How exciting that you graduated and moved into your new apartment all in the same month. That’s definitely a lot of change but good ones 🙂 Hope you continue flourishing this year!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Hope you have a great 2018!

  4. Congrats on everything that happened in 2017! Chicago is one of my favorite cities because it’s got a big-city feel with a nice Midwestern vibe. If you haven’t been already, Eataly is one of my favorite places in the whole city (along with Argo Tea). I always stop at Bierria and get a pizza and beer, and then take home lots of Italian cookies to munch on. Cheers to 2018!

    Hannah | the swirl | http://theswirlblog.com/

    1. Thanks Hannah! And yes, I’ve been to Eataly – it’s GRAND!

  5. Sounds like you have tons of great memories from 2017! I love your 2018 mantra and I’m wishing you the best!

  6. Girl, I had so many uneventful months in 2017 and I don’t hate it haha! I love that you chose a mantra for 2018. Mine, which I pulled from an oracle deck, is create your reality.

    1. Oooh I love that mantra!

  7. I am SO with you on staying grounded this year and being more positive! I’ve been putting in place a lot of protective steps in order to help me follow through!

    1. That’s awesome, Rachel!

  8. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Lindsey!

  9. Alexis Reliford says: Reply

    Sounds like you had a busy, but fantastic year! Sending good vibes your way for 2018!

    1. Thanks Alexis! Sending good vibes your way too!

  10. What a great year!

  11. What an exciting year! I hope 2018 will be even better ♥

    1. I hope so too!

  12. An interesting 2017 there! Staying positive is the main goal for this yeAr! Good luck!

    Ash | http://www.theashtreejournal.com

  13. What a fun year! HEre’s to an even better 2018!

    1. Right back atcha!

  14. It looks like you had a great year! Lovelovelove your mantra for 2018! There are a lot of us that could work on that, I think.

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