How To Mix Metals

How To Mix Metals on Five Foot and Fabulous | Mixed metals | How to mix gold and silver | Street style

If you’re a frequent flyer of Five Foot and Fabulous (wow, talk about alliteration!), you know that I love me some gold and silver clothing and accessories. Part of it stems from my inner 12 year old who still gets distracted by reversible sequins and literally anything shiny. Seriously, if I catch something sequined out […]

9 Blog Tasks That Take 10 Minutes

I always need to be doing something. Whether I’m out doing something, checking social media, writing blog posts, it doesn’t matter. I always like being productive. I joke that I’m probably the perfect fidget spinner customer because I can’t even watch Netflix without doing something else. Sometimes, I have just a few minutes of spare […]

June Instagram Roundup

Millennium Park | Downtown Chicago Travel Guide | The bean | Chicago hotspots | Chicago tourist spots | Chicago must sees | Chicago, Illinois

I think all us bloggers can agree that Instagram hasn’t necessarily been our best friends lately. What with constant algorithm changes, people using the follow/unfollow method, and more irritating practices, it’s been very difficult to grow a genuine following and engagement community. Luckily, I’ve seen some improvement lately. I don’t know if it has something […]

Monthly Musings: June

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to another installment of Monthly Musings. Today we’re going to chat all about the month of June! In contrast to May, June went by super fast! I’ve basically been spending my days working at my internship. By the time this post gets published, I’ll only have three more days left there! Crazy […]