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  • DIY: Frayed Hem Jeans

    DIY: Frayed Hem Jeans | A guide on how to hem your jeans! Only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

    As you can probably tell from the title of this blog (read: Five Foot and Fabulous), I’m pretty short. 5’1″ to be exact. Through the years, I’ve grown to love my height (or lack thereof), but it does come with a couple difficulties. I can’t reach things on high shelves, the 5 foot section of the pool […]

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  • Mad for Metallics

    Mad for Metallics | OOTD only on Five Foot and Fabulous!

    Trivia time! The question is “When is it appropriate to wear metallics?” I’ll give you a second to think of your response. Did you answer “Always”? If so, you were right! Metallics have been a favorite of mine for years, and I’ll take them in any color. Silver? Duh! Gold? Go ahead and fill my […]

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  • Summer to Fall Transition

    Summer to Fall Transition | An OOTD on Five Foot and Fabulous

    If you asked me what my favorite season was, I would probably shout “Summer!” at the top of my lungs. Then, I would proceed to think about all the wonderful things about fall and get a little conflicted. I love warm weather, zero-stress lifestyles, sundresses, and adventures. However, I love boots, sweaters, the holidays, and […]